Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

The week in Review…

This is our last “normal” week before the roller-coaster of the chagim (MONTH of Jewish holidays coming up).  I’ve found it’s best to cram a lot in the first couple of days of the week, because after that, things tend to fall apart… like this week, when I worked a full day yesterday outside of the home.  Blah.

But here’s what we were up to on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and today…

Had an “arty” day with Draw Write Now and Mozart!

 weekly 024

image Did some kinda teary measurement math with JUMP and Cuisenaire Rods.  Not that we don’t love math!  And hopefully, we will love it even more now that we have started reading “Life of Fred:  Apples,” which just arrived this week.  It’s a very, VERY, very strange book.  Naomi isn’t sure she likes it yet, and at first, based only on the cover, she asked me NOT to read it.  But I think she’ll get into it once we’re on our way.

Carrying on through First-Time Analogies (we do it during math time).  We’ve moved on to cut/paste analogies; I think she enjoyed them, but the pages in the book are laid out all wrong and I had to photocopy the pages so she could cut them out.  Dumb!!!  Remind me to kvetch to the publisher about that if I get time in the next couple of weeks…. ha ha ha.  Time???

 image  weekly 023

imageWorked on the Rosh Hashanah lapbook… but I haven’t taken any more pictures yet.

In science (yes, we’re finally doing science!), we classified animals with these printables to go along with our fun new Apologia science book:

weekly 005 weekly 008 

Oh, and we built these gliders to illustrate how perfectly Hashem designed His flying creatures:

 weekly 015

They ought to make these narration pages seriously bigger, though.  This was just PART of the half-chapter that is supposed to be recorded on t his page.  Naomi likes to talk and talk and talk.  She was disappointed that there wasn’t more drawing space on the page.

weekly 009

We’re up to Ancient India in Story of the World history.  The SOTW mapwork is very, VERY basic compared to what we’ve been doing in geography, so I decided to have Naomi add a couple of little extra touches.  I had her draw her own compass rose in the bottom (“Never Eat Shredded Wheat”) (she chose to add the intermediate points, too), and also had her draw in a dashed line showing how a person from Mohenjo-Daro (in India), could possibly sail over the Arabian sea and up the Euphrates to trade with people living in Ur.

 weekly 020 

Weekly Parsha & Rosh Hashanah copywork (homemade):

weekly 022weekly 021

I love the fact that our Bright Beginnings Chumash workbook comes with flashcards!  They are beautiful, cardboard and shiny, full-colour, and Naomi and I both love them.  I have pulled out three pages so I think we have 24 of them now.  She knows most – I’d say about 20 of them so far.  We’re up to Passuk (verse) 4 of Lech Lech, which is slow going since we’ve been at it since July (one verse a month???).  But I think the pace will pick up now that she’s getting more comfortable with the concepts.

weekly 026

Of course, she also wrote some stuff just for fun…

weekly 025

And Gavriel Zev’s shaggy, shaggy hair is finally GONE!  Just in time for Shabbos…

 weekly 029   weekly 027 

(and violating my longstanding rule that I never cut hair on Fridays!)

That’s not nearly everything; we got a lot done this week.  But now I’m off to wrap up our week with Parsha and narration!

What did all of you get up to this cool and rainy first fall week???