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Six-Word Saturday: 21 Av, 5770

Why the weird dates? Click here to find out! Crazy project:  Saving wax = eternal candle?(The answer is no, which I know because I’ve tried this before.  The wick eventually runs out, as Elisheva kee… Read more

Dear Yeshiva Administrator

Okay, dipping my toes once more in the controversy, here follows – at the expense of my family’s Shabbos food – my reply to the fairly well-thought-out screed of the Yeshiva Administrator:Dear Yeshiv… Read more

Shabbos Food

While the debate about school/yeshiva tuition that I started roars on over at DovBear… (here and here), life here in the real world must go on – unlike some of your inferior Deep Jewish Thoughts blog… Read more

Parsha Poem: Eikev

Devarim/Deuteronomy 7:12-11:25This week’s Parsha is Eikev; it means a reward,But not for battles that we fight with a sword. Moshe said we must earn it; he knew that we can,But only in Israel, that’s… Read more

Happy, happy writing stuff

I know I said I couldn’t put into words my enjoyment of Sunday’s fun fair and my personal bake sale, but it turned out I had to – I’d promised an article to the CJN.  But, and this NEVER ever happen… Read more

Metapost: blog spam

What is with all this spam?  I sure do wish some of the “comments” were actual, real people! Read more

There is a Thing

A thing that I hate to do.And a regular day that I do it on.And I do it anyway, and I do it happily, but when the Day is coming, I hate it… I dread it.  I despise every minute of it.When it’s over, I… Read more

Online shopping spree fun fun… FUNERAL!

Brace yourself, Kurt Vonnegut-style.  About 3/4 of the way through this free-associative post, there will be a funeral.So is having a flash sale on pretied bandanas, so I decided to… Read more

The best bakey sale day ever!

Had so much fun at yesterday’s funfair, I can’t even put it into words.I made pletzl, muffins (strawberry and blueberry), brownies and beer bread.  Kept the whole thing totally simple and FUN and sol… Read more

Menu-Planning Monday #24: 15 Av, 5770

Why the weird dates? Click here to find out!  We are a Jewish family of 6 (2 parents, 4 kids) and all our meals are kosher. Newcomers, you can read my MPM intro here which tells you all about who we … Read more

Again. Ugh. Pain. Tuition-Related Depression.

NOTHING makes me say ugh like the annual round of tuition-begging.And with the delivery of our Notices of Assessment from Revenue Canada, verifying our income (or lack thereof), the time is upon us.U… Read more

Statement of Principles: Gay Jews in the Orthodox World

A statement was released last week – on a weird, anonymous blog, not under the auspices of any official organization – which covers many points applicable to gay Jews living in the frum world.  The s… Read more

Six-Word Saturday: 14 Av, 5770

Why the weird dates? Click here to find out! Late-night baking… now with illumination! Read more

Fun free clip art site!

Lots of cute & FREE Biblical and other clip art at … very cool! Read more

Girl, 5, haircut

For a few minutes this afternoon, the neighbourhood rang with screams as Naomi Rivka underwent the very-infrequent ritual of haircutting.  I’m glad she’s a girl, so we don’t have to do it that often,… Read more

Parsha Poem: Vaetchanan

Deuteronomy 3:23-7:11In this week’s parsha, called Vaetchanan,We learn many stories together as one.Vaetchanan, Moshe prayed to Hashem,To let him cross over the river Yarden.But Hashem said, “Though … Read more

Missing them already

Well, okay, actually I’m not.  See their little pink plane (I coloured it to make it easier to spot), just approaching Regina?Fun, fun, fun!  And in a couple of weeks, they get to do the whole tediou… Read more

Egg-free cupcakes & pig-free pancakes

Egg-free; nut-free; dairy-free.  Those were the instructions on the sign-up sheet today for Naomi Rivka’s camp party on Friday, their last day (it’s only a one-week camp).  The party theme is “stripe… Read more

Is your name “Rivka”? Rebecca? Beck? Rose? Or Yerachmiel!

My mother was in a class today and somebody asked about the meaning of the name Rivka.  She figured I would know, having one for a kid and all.  I told her I remembered from deep, way back, that it m… Read more

I did it! (Chapter Books)

Pat me on the back:  after almost sixteen years of raising kids, I finally, FINALLY read my kids a chapter book! Oh, I have started many over the years.  But finished?  Zero.The fault is partly min… Read more

I hope there’s a moment

… in everybody’s life – if they were raised frum – maybe in their early 20s; maybe when they have a few little kids, and they come out of a busy fast day of taking care of kids and they say, “I never… Read more

Menu-Planning Monday #23: 8 Av, 5770 (erev Tisha b’Av)

Why the weird dates? Click here to find out!  (What’s Tisha b’Av?  Click here to find out!)We are a Jewish family of 6 (2 parents, 4 kids) and all our meals are kosher. Newcomers, you can read my MPM… Read more

Fast cheap hanging planter

This planter makes me SO happy!!!  I potted it up back in May when I did the petunias, and believe me, it didn’t look like much back then.  This was basically a “leftovers” pot:  two spare lobelia p… Read more

Six-Word Saturday: 7 Av, 5770

Why the weird dates? Click here to find out! Short trip first… fast… then gone!Abigail’s taking the big kids “camping” tomorrow, Tuesday is Tisha b’Av, and then on Thursday, they’re off to Calgary fo… Read more

Shabbos Food Plan a la Ted

Ted’s off work today (he works every other weekend instead), so he made the rhubarb pie himself (and some mini-pie-lets with the leftovers), but I’m not doing brownies.  Kinda sick of brownies right … Read more

Hanging Things 2010, part the Deux

I promised in the first part that I would post pics of the three hanging things I had forgotten.  And then, today, Gayla Trail of You Grow Girl had a post all about growing sweet potatoes!  She menti… Read more

Cookin’ the “Orthoprax” soup

Ortho = correctDox = thoughtPrax = actionsOrthodox Jews = those whose every thought is correct.  Ha ha ha.And then, there are the “Orthoprax,” people accused of just going through the motions without… Read more

Persicaria (polygonum) amplexicaulis “Firetail” (fleeceflower), 2010

A little concerned about the “vigourous” growth habit of these.   I don’t know if you can see here, but there are two huge clumps of this plant in the left-side foreground.From two small plants last … Read more

Look at the difference 2 weeks makes!

Here are the three free sub-irrigated planters I built two weeks ago.First, the two identical tomato planters… doing amazing; check!But the zucchini in the small planter is the star of the show.  Cl… Read more

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