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Parsha Poem: Vaetchanan

Deuteronomy 3:23-7:11

clip_image002In this week’s parsha, called Vaetchanan,

We learn many stories together as one.

Vaetchanan, Moshe prayed to Hashem,

To let him cross over the river Yarden.

But Hashem said, “Though it might not seem fair,

clip_image004You hit that rock, so you’ll never go there.

Now choose a new leader to help all the Jews

Then gather them up to tell them the news.

Yehoshua’s the man who will lead them through

clip_image006A new leader almost as special as you.”

Remember Har Sinai? Moshe tells us again

Of all of its wonders, like lightning – not rain

Thunder and voices, a flowery hill,

Hashem’s voice said to listen; to stand and be still.

clip_image008He taught us ten dibrot, mitzvot to keep

Rules to remember, awake or asleep.

Listen to parents and anyone grown;

Ten special rules carved on luchot of stone.

Treat other folks nicely, be honest and kind;

Those are mitzvot we must all keep in mind.

Then Moshe taught us the most special word:

clip_image010“Shema,” means to listen, and that’s what we heard.

Listen to Hashem, remember with love

A parent and teacher watching from above.

Shema Yisrael, Hashem knows every Jew

So he’s watching and hoping… to hear it from YOU!

p.s.: The illustrations are from the excellent high-quality parsha archive at MiBereshit, a great site to learn more about the parsha – for yourself or your kids!