Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Girl, 5, haircut

haircut 008For a few minutes this afternoon, the neighbourhood rang with screams as Naomi Rivka underwent the very-infrequent ritual of haircutting.  I’m glad she’s a girl, so we don’t have to do it that often, because she utterly dreads it. 

Once we get into it, though, she’s okay and by the end, after she’d seen it, she was loving her new left-side part. 

I was feeling ambitious and decided to attempt a part instead of bangs to give her more of a big-girl look.  Elisheva makes fun of me, I think, for all the years she spent in bangs, but it was mostly because I didn’t know how to do anything else – and didn’t want to pay somebody to do it.  From the few times I did pay a professional, she seemingly knew little more than I did about how to manage her straight, straight hair (and she was Filipina – don’t Asian people have straight hair?). 

Naomi’s hair is different from Elisheva’s – thicker, more bushy around the “sideburn” areas.  I think I did a decent job, but she ran to wet it down and slick it back before I had a chance to get a picture. haircut 010

It feels weird, posting pictures of the kids… I feel like mostly I post pictures of food, or dough, or plants.  Ted’s photo uploads on our hard drive are full of shots and videos of the kids, running, jumping, swinging, sliding.

Mine:  not so much.