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Parsha Poem: Eikev

Devarim/Deuteronomy 7:12-11:25


This week’s Parsha is Eikev; it means a reward,

But not for battles that we fight with a sword.

Moshe said we must earn it; he knew that we can,

But only in Israel, that’s Hashem’s special plan.

Seven special crops that would grow in the land,

We’d grow them and eat them; they’d really taste grand.

Seven special crops to be our special prize

clip_image004Ripe and delicious, right before our very eyes.

Two grains to make breads; five fruits for our plate

All of them with flavours we can all appreciate.

חִטָּה (chitah) is wheat, growing tall and golden brown;

clip_image008שְׂעוֹרָה (se’orah) is barley, a grain from the ground;

גֶּפֶן (gefen) is a grapevine, to give us shade and fruit and wine;

תְּאֵנָהclip_image006 (te’ainah) are plump figs to share: yours and yours and mine.

רִמּוֹן (rimon) is a pomegranate with its funny clump of seeds;

clip_image010And זַיִת (zayit) is an olive-tree for all our olive-oil needs.

The last one, תָּמָר (tamar), is a date filled with honey,

clip_image012High in a palm tree under desert skies so sunny.

So how can we earn all of these special fruits;

the wheat for our cakes, all the plump olive shoots?

Do we have to pay money or fight in a war?

clip_image014No! Hashem wants us to do something more.

He gave us the Torah; he wants us to live it;

clip_image016He wants to feel proud and so happy to give it.

When He sees that we’re grateful, with hearts that are pure,

He’ll give us seven special crops – and a land that’s secure.

(seven species images borrowed from this lovely artwork site; Moses image (actually, it’s Ezra) courtesy of  Phillip Martin Clip Art)