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Six-Word Saturday: 7 Av, 5770

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Short trip first… fast… then gone!

Abigail’s taking the big kids “camping” tomorrow, Tuesday is Tisha b’Av, and then on Thursday, they’re off to Calgary for their annual visit with grandparents and other assorted family and friends, human and doggie, out there.  Last year, I went with them.  This year, I am mostly just relieved that I don’t have to travel anywhere.  And yes, there is relief that we will be semi-childless for much of the next three weeks. 

But we’re also losing our “built-in babysitter”!!!  I am scheming to find a way to go out with Ted Wednesday night before the big kids head off because after that, we’ll be relying on the kindness of my mother and sisters.

“Camping” is in quotes, by the way, because as Elisheva points out, it’s just overnight – they have to be back in time to eat the meal before the fast on Monday – and they’re not going too far from home.