Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Happy, happy writing stuff

Ted's Farmer's Market 2007-01-01 101 I know I said I couldn’t put into words my enjoyment of Sunday’s fun fair and my personal bake sale, but it turned out I had to – I’d promised an article to the CJN. 

But, and this NEVER ever happens, my editor said she wanted it first-person.  And she also said it was okay to go long.  They NEVER say that:  “write what you want, as much as you want.”  Heck, that’s why I have a blog – I don’t even expect money for that kind of writing.

So I wrote the thing up, first person, and VERY long – over 1300 words.  I submitted it, nervously, last night.  It’s hard submitting personal writing – much easier if it’s just a matter-of-fact article.  Emailed it off and held my breath - and she loved it!

Just remembered, I’m supposed to be emailing her some photos… oops!  So I’ll do that, and hopefully, you’ll see the article in the CJN next week or the week after!

In other writing Fun-ness:  wallowing in this week’s tuition misery I collated my two tuition-related rants, one from last year, one from this year, and the result is now a guest post on DovBear’s fabulous blog.

However, having just caught sight of a post I consider a must-read (click here because you MUST read it!), I’m afraid I’m going to have to upgrade him to Brilliant Blog status.  Required reading if you want to stay in touch with the Jewish Condition in today’s English-speaking world.  So it’s an honour that my post is up there, but I can’t even say mine’s the best one.