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And now… the tomato seeds!

Here are the cherry tomato seeds I collected two weeks ago (yesterday), ready at last.  These are the variety I call Early Tiny Cherry.  They have no name because I received them in a packet from Wi… Read more

Outdoor Time

One of the foundations of a Charlotte Mason-style homeschool education - which is a curriculum that seems to jive with a lot of what I love about learning at home in the first place - is that child… Read more

Naomi's magical memory

Recited while snuggling at bedtime tonight:
"I woke up one morning and one hand was wet and one hand was dry. I said to myself, 'that's weird.' It was really... magical!" Read more

Saying Kiddush? In Hebrew? With kids?

I’m supposed to be shutting down the computer, but I wanted to say something here about kiddush, because a lot of people are stumbling upon a previous post about pronunciation in Hebrew (modern vs tr… Read more

How autistic are you?

And how autistic am I?  I sometimes think a little.  I am more comfortable using the term autistic now that it has opened up to everybody and his brother thanks to the mild-autism-slash-asperger’s en… Read more

Wild Things (spoilers, but not a review)

Elisheva and I have a running joke that every single children’s book ends with the kid (or kids) falling asleep… at least, the good ones all do.So why is that?Kids certainly don’t fantasize about fal… Read more

New (Pocket) Diapers!

Well, it’s been a LONG time since I bought new diapers, but with two kids and not so many diapers, they do wear out.  I must say,  however, it is a LOT less exciting buying new diapers for a 2-year-o… Read more

Teaching Hebrew to Kids… for the Hebrew-Impaired

So here is one of my little tricks for being a moron in Hebrew and still reading Hebrew books to my kids with reasonable competence and comprehension!Yes, thanks to the “Pina Ivrit” (Hebrew Corner) o… Read more

Thinking, thinking, thinking... Charlotte Mason curriculum

I have heard the name bandied about but never really known what was involved, until a bit more reading tonight. There is something about this curriculum that deeply appeals to the British in me... http… Read more

November 28, 2009: Six Word Saturday

Undaunted, cosmos bloom… while I wilt. Read more

Shabbos Menu

Yes, we're still up... Ted's peeling cholent vegetables as I sit here. Dinner Challah Chicken Soup w/Kneidlach
Pickled Brisket
Miso Roasted? Green beans
Pareve desserts: Blueberry "Sour C… Read more

Two papers from my father

Two things you should know about my father:1)  He reused paper – a LOT.  Over and over and over.   You’ll notice that this paper, which is pretty typical of his business records, has printing at both… Read more


Will somebody pleeeeeeease invent track lighting, because with the shortage of overhead lighting I feel like I am just losing my sight every day at this time... I look up from the bright-white compu… Read more

Random Plot / Thought

I was thinking about blogs the other day for a couple of reasons.  (partly because of this annoying Nishma article knocking the whole idea of blogs as Not a Jewish Concept, because it lacks tzniut)An… Read more


My mother is not big on photographs... any time I've ever tried to give her a framed picture of her grandchildren, she says, "I have nowhere to hang this." (eventually, I stopped)

But sh… Read more

Earth Balance Margarine Cookies… Take 2, a little more successful

A couple of weeks ago, we made  chocolate-chip cookies using Earth Balance, a “healthy” new margarine alternative.  They turned out really, really badly.  Monumentally badly; we pretty much had to th… Read more

Manipulate Me!

So despite my misgivings, I bought the frogs!And today, our first real, purchased Math Manipulative came in the mail:  a set of 108 fancy, shmancy Funtastic Frogs, from Rainbow Resource in the U.S.  … Read more

Sometimes, not very often,

...I check on what kinds of web searches land people at my blog.  (really!  not very often!) And sometimes, I want to reach out to people after the fact, get in touch with them through their search.… Read more

Cranky Complaints-Lady Rocks the Government!

Have you written to YOUR MPP yet?  It may be too late to stop them, but let's all be cranky, just for crankiness' sake! ----- Original Message ----- Sent: Wedn… Read more

Supper and not much else

Tired tired tired.  So here’s our supper, a lazy supper which is mostly made out of Things I Discovered in the Freezer.~ Of Tov frozen chicken nuggets… wow; it’s been a long time since we had anythin… Read more

Latkes and Hamentashen and other FREE Online Jewish Music

Currently listening to this album on TWO online Jewish music archives, which I am quickly coming to appreciate for the vast amount of archived Jewish music they both offer – absolutely free.Here are … Read more

Diet Candy!

Noticed this message on the side of a pack of Whoppers last night.  Well, I thought it was hilarious and ate the whole thing… because it’s diet, right?Today was officially “Taking Care of Business Da… Read more

Delirshis Stewy Supper!

So, dummy me, I was WAY ahead of the game last week by making the cholent on Thursday afternoon.  What a concept!  While the kids napped on Thursday, I made my new “magic” caramel onions, added in th… Read more

The Bell (Jar) Curve: Let me out of this pregnancy!

(No, no, no!  Once again, I am NOT pregnant!  Happy happy not to be.  Just surrounded by people who are… and, for once, not minding a bit!)Reproductive technology:  besides helping us get pregnant, a… Read more

The downside of blogging...

... is not strangers finding out your personal stuff, but FAMILY. My mother knows I have a blog, but thankfully, she probably assumes it is something tedious and navelgazing (of course, you and I know… Read more

Interloper among the coleus…

Peekaboo!Saving tomato seeds?  This late in the season???I was sad because I hadn’t saved any more of the “early tiny” cherry tomatoes that I love so much.  They are incredibly reliable performers, t… Read more

Weird Craigslist Blip

I have noticed this for a while now:  why is in GERMAN?  Have we been taken over and I just didn't know because I don't read newspapers??? It searches properly and eve… Read more

Google N for Nachas!

YM told me one day this spring that he’d seen the “Google Car” coming through the neighbourhood… taking pictures for Google Street View, which now seems to be available throughout North America.And s… Read more

Why wear a tichel when you can...

... buy a BUFF?Yes, this is a frank attempt to convert all Jewish women who cover their hair to the world of BUFF performance headwear.  I discovered this thing in the quest for a tichel I could wea… Read more

Beware of boys bearing Tiramisu

Or adopt them… depending on your feelings about tiramisu, of course!  We personally love it, so we’ll be keeping him.  For the time being. Read more

Six Word Saturday: November 21, 2009

Now these are chocolate chip cookies! Read more

Drivers wanted? None here!

Gack. Once again, only one of my parents' children has a driver's license.  Only now, it's Abigail, not me.  :-o Mine was expiring anyway next month, but apparently the government could… Read more

Mikveh Sham(poo)

One of the few things I dislike about going to the mikveh - because really, what is there to hate about a place where they basically order you to take a half-hour soak in a warm tub, and don't … Read more

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