The downside of blogging...

... is not strangers finding out your personal stuff, but FAMILY.
My mother knows I have a blog, but thankfully, she probably assumes it is something tedious and navelgazing (of course, you and I know better, right?) and has never pressed for further details.
But the downside is when certain people in my family who DO read this don't know not to mention certain things in front of my mother.
Oh-kay.  Yes, I'm almost forty, and yes, I have mommy issues.  I've said that before.
So let's say it in code so she won't understand:  "Ix-nay on the Ivers-License-Dray!!!"
(oops - my mother is actually the one who taught me pig latin in the first place...)
Anyway, I will definitely take care of it on Tuesday when Ted's off work... never fear!


  1. On the plus side, some family members are 100% oblivious to everything certain other, younger family members say.

    Mommy issues indeed.

  2. Really?!? That is SO, so ironic... because the narrative I grew up with is that nobody ever paid attention to her because she was the bratty youngest girl-child in the family.


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