Interloper among the coleus…


interloper 002

Saving tomato seeds?  This late in the season???

I was sad because I hadn’t saved any more of the “early tiny” cherry tomatoes that I love so much.  They are incredibly reliable performers, though also very suckery and branchy tomatoes. 

Anyway, another of their virtues, apparently, is the ability to stay reasonably fresh-looking long past when other tomato plants have shrivelled:

  interloper 004

The tomatoes don’t taste particularly wonderful – apparently, they don’t get sweeter with frost, like some fruits do, but they have continued to ripen and not shrivel like most other tomatoes out in the yard. 

Wow!  So not only are these cherries just about the earliest to ripen, they are the last to fade… that’s got to be worth something in the genetic world.  So I grabbed a few, popped their seed-stuff into a baby-food jar, added some water, and now I’m leaving it on the windowsill for a week or so to get a little scummy…

interloper 003

Floating in this broth, they remind me of some weird jelly-like fish reproductive thing.  Eggs?  Maybe.  I know nothing about fish reproduction.

Here’s a picture of the raspberry bushes.  Pretty sad, but the raspberries are still ripening!  Those are pretty nice, dark and sweet…

 interloper 011

The plants may be sad, but the berries sure are glad(dening of the heart)…

interloper 010


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