Sometimes, not very often,

...I check on what kinds of web searches land people at my blog.  (really!  not very often!)
And sometimes, I want to reach out to people after the fact, get in touch with them through their search... like the person who asked Google "really necessary to brush hair before mikva."  For some reason, that didn't land them on the page about mikveh shampoo.  Which probably still wouldn't tell them that yes, it is really necessary... and sometimes, really, really difficult.
Another person searched for "inexpensive tichel," but unfortunately, it was last week, before my post about why you should buy a Buff for $20, or even a clone buff for under $10!  Much less expensive than some of what's out there... and more practical, in some cases.
One mystifying search was looking for "Jewish shepherd pie."   I don't know if they're looking for the pie of Jewish shepherds, perhaps Biblical ones like King David, or kosher shepherd's pie, as made by Jews.  But anyway, they were helpfully passed along to my recipe for killer fruity shepherd's pie (sweet n' meaty!).  Thanks, Google!
Finally, it seems like my Bubby wasn't the only one with Jewish diabetes, as that search turned up yesterday as well... sadly, she's long-gone, or she'd be happy to be in such wonderful Internet company!
I am still waiting, by the way, for my bubby's phone number to get OUT of my head.  Will it never leave?  I could sure use the brainspace for other things these days...


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