Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Random Plot / Thought

I was thinking about blogs the other day for a couple of reasons.  (partly because of this annoying Nishma article knocking the whole idea of blogs as Not a Jewish Concept, because it lacks tzniut)

And I thought about people who turn their blogs into books… and how their books have a plot, which means they’ve sculpted the anecdotes of their lives to resemble a plot, because most of us don’t really have much of an interesting plot in real life.

I was thinking about whether my blog has a plot… certainly, my life does not.

And I decided it might be interesting to round up some of the more, shall we say, profluent (ie less navel-gazing) posts from the last year and sculpt it, creating a record of two things:  the year leading up to my 40th birthday, whenever that happens to come out, and the year of mourning for my father.

Of course, both of these ideas have certainly been done to death already.  But it might be interesting as an end-of-year project to round things up and stuff them into some kind of Word document that I could call a book… just so I could say I’ve written a book.

I mean, I wrote it, right?  It wouldn’t be plagiarism if I wrote it?  I’d just be borrowing from my blog… assuming there’s enough material here to make compiling it worthwhile.

The only trouble would be finding a take-away.  Have I learned anything?  Have I become anything?  Other than my father being dead, am I any different at the end of this fortieth year than I was a year ago?

Hmm… or maybe I’ll hunt for my missing earring-back instead.