Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Cranky Complaints-Lady Rocks the Government!

Have you written to YOUR MPP yet?  It may be too late to stop them, but let's all be cranky, just for crankiness' sake!
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Sent: Wednesday, November 25, 2009 12:14 PM
Subject: Harmonized Sales Tax and All-Day Kindergarten

Dear Dr. Hoskins:
I am a voting resident of your St. Paul's riding, and I'd like to express my strong opposition to two issues currently receiving Liberal party support in the legislature:  all-day kindergarten and the Harmonized Sales Tax.
It is absolutely horrific that the government plans to throw billions into increasing its kindergarten program while continuing to deny my children their right to funding for basic education in Math, English, or Geography, simply because they attend Jewish schools.  I'd like to point out that these subjects are the same regardless of the school's religious affiliation, and, indeed, the schools are fully accredited by the Ministry of Education - just not funded.  This is wrong.
I might support an optional full-day kindergarten program if I were satisfied that the government of Ontario was doing all it could to meet the needs of children currently enrolled in Ontario schools.  However, this is currently far from being the case.
As for the HST, I believe it will simply take money out of the pockets of Ontario residents, creating taxes in some cases where taxes have not existed before and in other cases, making it more difficult for struggling, low-income families to get by.  I'm sure there may be some kind of program of rebates and/or tax credits based on income tax returns, however, these types of programs generally only give back money that families like ours may have desperately needed at the time it was spent.  Receiving it as a credit or refund up to a year later is little consolation.

I'd like to hear your views on these issues, and, if possible, convince you to rethink your party's stance of denying funding to Ministry-accredited schools teaching recognized secular subjects according to the established Ontario curriculum.
Thanks in advance!