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Ted's on imdb! Weird! And while I'm posting this, if anybody out there wants the coolest graphics, animation or personalized cartoon portraiture in town (gr… Read more

Just Supper

I'm surprised the pasta machine hasn't gone all rusty:  I'm making homemade pasta tonight for the first time in FOREVER.  Like at least since Gavriel Zev was born.  Maybe since Naomi? H… Read more

Another homecoming...

Princess Big Girl is home once again, after a lovely weekend at a friend's cottage.  Every homecoming is another heartbreak for her, another evening of stomping around the house for us to put … Read more

Quick! Find this bochur a shidduch!

My, but he sure does look “official” in the hat & jacket (thanks to Sears for the suit (only $75!), and to my mother for springing for the hat as an early birthday gift for him)… this was the onl… Read more

Rather droopy Shabbos bookay

Okay, the backyard flowers are looking terrific (relatively speaking), but I guess it doesn’t translate indoors all that well.  These are the most beautiful hostas, and Naomi Rivka said I should incl… Read more

The Breakfast-Cereal Bypass

So if General Mills are going to be morons (see my previous post for the rather dreary saga), I decided to bypass them and go right to the source: Chirp Magazine, aka Owl Publications!

Will they take … Read more

BCMOCRS - the saga continues (moron alert!!!)

Yes, I'm sure you all heaved a giant sigh of relief when our Breakfast Cereal Magazine Offer Code Redemption Saga was happily resolved back in June.  In fact, I reported here that we had receiv… Read more

Shabbos Food!

Shabbos dinner:
Soup w/kneidlach
Meatballs - pineapple sweet & sour
Farmers' Market Fingerling Tatoes roasted w/ olive oil, salt, pepper
Farmers' Market Beets roasted w/ olive … Read more

Superhero no more...

Well, I was feeling like a superhero...and then stuff happens. Up from 4-6 a.m. this morning sneezing.  I am allergic to something, and at times like that, I know for a FACT that it is something in… Read more

Sour d’oh!

I did it!  After four attempts, today’s bread was a SOURDOUGH SUCCESS.   I feel like I have successfully scaled Mount Sourdough.Here is the outside of the loaf, which I made based on the recipe hereRead more


Farmers' market, fresh-baked homemade sourdough bread and fresh Ontario corn for supper, drove/biked to the Ex with Elisheva... and back in time to pick up YM for night seder at 10.  I am SuperMo… Read more

SFG Update

Square foot gardens are actually coming along really well.  Note to self:  more climbing beans next year!!!Full slideshows of progress since March can be found (still) here:slideshows (scroll down)I … Read more

Yummy Corn Fritters

Mmm… this was last night’s supper: The salmon was just pan-fried in butter with fresh lemon juice and I threw some garden herbs (lemon thyme, thyme and parsley) on in the last couple of minutes.I use… Read more

Summer: August Coleus Round-Up

So enough about me, you ask – how are all your COLEUS??? (Caution:  the following is intended for Advanced coleus lovers ONLY!)Yes, it’s late August and they are at their peak… well, okay, I guess th… Read more

Persicaria amplexicaulis “Firetail”

Read more

I hate beer, but wow!

This looks unbelievably good!!! (I'm searching for a beer batter recipe to make corn fritters) Read more

Feeling my age

I know you are as young as you feel and all that pep-talk stuff, but MAN. Hanging out yesterday with a couple of mamas of kids around my little kids' age as they figured out where they knew each… Read more


Yes, it's official... my sister is a DRIVER!!! (photo credit for this picture probably goes to her boyfriend Peter) Read more

My Top 10 Favourite Posts

In my silly little mind, with my awful memory, these are my Top 10, but they’re in alphabetical order so as not to bias anything:Bad Day with a Good Supper – February 19, 2008Cast of Characters – Jan… Read more

Drat, the sukkah party

Naomi had so much fun at her sukkah party last year, so I asked her if she wanted to do one again this year.  The catch this year being that Yom Tov is on Shabbos and Sunday; there’s no good Sunday i… Read more

Gee, your house smells terrific!

Amazing what spilling a bottle of bleach in the basement will do! Read more


I invited somebody for Rosh Hashanah!  WAAAaay ahead of the game this year! Read more

Luckily, there are even worse parents...

Just when I think I'm feeling like the lowest of the low for calling my daughter a "spoiled princess," I come across the blog of this couple who have recently adopted a 14-year-old girl… Read more

Better titles for a blog

I'm thinking Adventures in Mama-Land is kind of lame... but is there any title that could appropriately capture in relatively few words exactly what it is that I do here?
I'm so bad at title… Read more

The Wrong Present

Guess what we got for Ted's birthday???  I will only say this once, and I will imply it very discreetly, in Hebrew (I'm reminded of the classic saying/joke, "if you can't think of … Read more

OK, mommy cred = ZERO. Diaper Disaster Day.

That's right - ROCK BOTTOM.  I called Elisheva a spoiled princess in Lawrence Square for insisting on the stupid bike that looked cooler rather than the one I really think would have been better. … Read more

Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys a Plant!

Website note sent to Hort Couture, maker of such coleus as “Religious Radish” and “Morning After” (plus a plant suspiciously named Cuphea “Purple Nurple”), along with today’s striking new coleus find… Read more

Did I mention I’m in love?

Garden magazine, Shabbos.  Okay, note to self, do not read garden magazines on Shabbos.  They make me lustful.  And there it was:  Musa acuminata “Siam Ruby” – a big red banana.  The garden magazine … Read more

Saggy Sunflower

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And the corn, is corn…so corny!

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Beautiful gift

Sara made Ted this awesome purple kiddush-cup set for his birthday.  There are seven cups and a tray (seven = just enough for us plus one guest:  her!).  This picture was the closest I could get to d… Read more

Sara’s back – and Happy Birthday to Ted!!!

The love of my life, my inspiration, yes, it’s sappy, but it’s true.

Sara came home from her summer away at camp, and convinced Eli to come along and celebrate Ted’s b-day.  I think she bribed him wit… Read more

We have AIR!

Okay, I spoke too soon; apparently, Ted does care. Ignore how grimy this window a/c unit looks… it’s already a couple of degrees cooler in this crowded little desk-corner where I currently sit.I <… Read more

And to be honest (hate hate hate)

I see Elisheva's point.  This house is a dump. Ted has no idea how awful this house is, day in, day out.  Was I happier in the apartment?  Probably.  It was easier to air condition and less lik… Read more

I wish...

Wish Elisheva was happier about being home.  YM is okay, you can stick him anywhere, but Elisheva is never happy to come home.  She acts like we're dragging her down from her palace into a pit … Read more

Ice Cream Truck

Naomi Rivka:  "Mommy, I hear the ice cream truck and it's singing, 'put the chicken in the pot, stir it up, nice and hot...'" Poor child will probably hear of "London Bridge… Read more

Erev Shabbos Checklist

Checklist: ~ Mandelbroit - done! ~ Sourdough challah take 2 - done! ~ Iced tea - done! ~ Pickled brisket Phase 1 - done! ~ Chicken soup - done! (in crockpot, all afternoon!) Why do I suspect tomorrow will… Read more

Cranky Complaints-Lady Totes her Groceries!

Email to the makers of the Bring Your Own Bag, who have a page on their website to “tell them your story” of using their remarkable (?) shopping bag.  Anyway, I didn’t submit this to that page; I tho… Read more

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