Cranky Complaints-Lady Totes her Groceries!

bags 001Email to the makers of the Bring Your Own Bag, who have a page on their website to “tell them your story” of using their remarkable (?) shopping bag.  Anyway, I didn’t submit this to that page; I thought that would be a tad snarky, even for me. 

So I just sent this to the general “info@” email address.  It’s not even all that cranky, in my opinion… guess I’m losing my touch.

bags 002“Due to a poorly-sewn side seam, this bag now has a finger-sized hole in one side.  I would love to get a replacement, as I just bought this a short while ago and was looking forward to using it at farmers' markets, etc.

It was purchased in Toronto at The Kitchen Table location on Spadina, just north of St. Clair.


I do love how prominently my own actual finger appears in the hole I have referred to as “finger-sized.”  I am not exactly sure if they will appreciate the greatness of that photographic and literary touch, however.  It just tickles my own funny-bone, which, if you know anything about tickling, means I’m not tickled at all, because you really cannot tickle yourself. 

Unless you have some weird Oliver Sacks-like proprioceptive disorder that causes you to dissociate from the actions of your own fingertips.  I guess it’s possible, theoretically, to tickle yourself under those circumstances.  However, those circumstances generally involve a brain tumour, so you might not have the time or headspace to tickle yourself, even under those circumstances.


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