Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

BCMOCRS - the saga continues (moron alert!!!)

Yes, I'm sure you all heaved a giant sigh of relief when our Breakfast Cereal Magazine Offer Code Redemption Saga was happily resolved back in June.  In fact, I reported here that we had received what I called "Cereal Satisfaction."
But wait - not so fast!!!  (okay, three months is not exactly fast)
Apparently, the MORONS at General Mills have lost our address!
Yes, after we successfully redeemed a book for the big kids ("Frindle") AND a mini-magazine subscription for me ("Canadian Gardening" - surprise, surprise), and countless follow-up emails from me, they no longer have our mailing address to send Naomi Rivka's subscription.
Yes, the one I promised her back in MAY.
Here's what they said.  Notice how they sign off with a jaunty "Cheers," like this is something businesses do all the time.  "Cheers; we lost your info!"  "Cheers; we disappointed your preschooler yet again!"
Cheers.  Morons. 
Also, the reply-to address was NOT an official General Mills address, so - deeply suspicious - I emailed them back asking them to verify that they are indeed associated with this stupid promotion.  Grrr...
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Friday, August 28, 2009 2:30 PM
Subject: We need your help to send you your free read

Dear Jennifer,

We realize you requested a free book or magazine from us and we
apologize for the delay in sending it to you. The Books & Magazines
promotion has experienced technical difficulties and as a result
some of the information you provided to us was lost.

If you are still interested in receiving your free book or magazine,
please reply to this email with your complete mailing address by
September 15. Your free book or magazine will arrive in the mail
in the next six to eight weeks.

Remember, the promotion ends August 31 so be sure to update
your profile and place all remaining orders before then.


The Books & Magazines Team at General Mills