Superhero no more...

Well, I was feeling like a superhero...and then stuff happens.
Up from 4-6 a.m. this morning sneezing.  I am allergic to something, and at times like that, I know for a FACT that it is something in this house.
And all the sneezing, I am afraid, is breaking my nice new bellybutton.
It doesn't hurt as much as it did, but at times, it's up to 60%.
So sad.  I totally felt on top of the world, I really did, just doing stuff everybody takes for granted:  being able to stand upright, walk around, carry my children.  And they promised that stress from exercise etc wouldn't hurt the repair. 
Actually, this feels like it's a slightly different spot.  Stupid childbearing abdomen... probably sturdy as cheesecloth now that my four kids are done stretching it out.
Maybe I'm just tired.  Maybe it will go away.
The periodontist didn't want to treat me.  I went today, I sat nervously in his chair, grinding the pages of Reader's Digest between my fingertips as he stared and prodded and took the World's Most Gruesome Photograph of my teeth (lips held open by a plastic torture stretchy device thingy!).
(At least, I thought it was the World's Most Gruesome Photograph until I saw dozens of other people's later on on his computer monitor... ugh, shudder, the proverbial Stuff of Nightmares; other people's Gum Decay, blah)
So he said, and let me just savour this:  "I see some recession, but there's no advantage to doing anything right away."  Instead, we are taking a wait-and-see approach.  I am supposed to go back in 10 months for another lips-stretched-out photograph and then he will compare the two to see if my gums are staying where they are or coming or going or what.
Hooray!!!  I may not be a superhero, but today, my gums were.
For the privilege of having the photo taken and an extensive and actually rather gentle consultation, we paid $215 out of pocket.  Hopefully, most of that will be reimbursed someday soon.


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