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Well, I couldn't very well post and NOT include a food picture, right? This was brownies Elisheva made two nights ago (Tuesday)...

Because tonight's supper was already made (lasagna, by Ted),… Read more

Two more cuties!

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Isn't he a cutie???

So many pictures of Gavriel Zev, I forget sometimes that he's not my only cutie-pie... :-)))

And here's a rare shot I let him take of me pretending to savour yesterday's yummy quiche supp… Read more

Busy, busy!

Oh, blurg... Naomi's getting a sniffle...
Busy busy during naptime yesterday getting Abigail's present together. Wow! Wait 'till I post it here... that will be exciting!

But I did take a… Read more

Total supper failure :-(

Sigh... here it is, for posterity.
~ Macaroni (wacky mac)
~ Tinned tomato soup
~ Tinned peas

At least nobody went to bed hungry
And we had a friendly time around the supper table

In my defence, Ted work… Read more

I'm done!

Every article these days feels like a major, pulling-teeth level accomplishment. I'd like to think it gets easier with each one, but maybe I'm not quite there yet. Anyway, each one down i… Read more

I'm procrastinating!

Supposed to be working on an article, but oh, well...I was actually dreading this weekend, but it's turned out not too horrible.

Took the bigs to mini-golfing last night. I decided at the last mi… Read more

Shabbos dinner...

Sweet-sour crockpot meatballs but I did them in the oven. Strawberry streusel muffins Broccoli / potato kugel Corn! Chicken Soup Challah Yum! And Shabbos lunch:  Cholent, butter lettuce salad, rice/tuna … Read more

Unimaginable Violence

Nobody seems to understand why I find this cartoon mirthfully funny... I think it's British; North Americans tend to spell fish fingers as two separate words, I think. I love how casual the m… Read more

New CJN article - author Sarah Mlynowski

Here it is! <3 J Read more


Where do I start?

Yesterday was Family Day in Ontario! So, of course, Ted was working, Elisheva had school, and my father asked if I wanted to earn a few $$$ doing some data-entry at his work, which … Read more

Tonight's Supper - was a BIRTHDAY supper, obviously...

Made by Mommy. Mommy-made everything:  pasta, onion soup, garlic bread.  Mmm... heavy on those starches, quite light on the veggie stuff that chills me from the inside in the middle of winter. Cake. Ice… Read more

This post's all about MEeeee!!!


So proud!

Albeit somewhat exhausted at the end of a LOOoong and exciting evening... Read more

The beluga

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The elephant

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More winter stuff!

Today's winter-sown seeds, all from SASEs:

~ Pink cleome
~ Liatris
~ Dianthus (sweet william)
~ Red Peony Poppy

The "boat" shaped supermarket chicken tub holds
~ Sweet Pea "Royal Family&… Read more

Growing stuff!

Coleus Count: 25!

Here are today's new potlings... pretty runty.

Most of the sturdier ones have been moved from the greenhouse to the open countertop; I want to keep the greenhouse from getting t… Read more

This rocks... ;-)))

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The boy had it!!!

Oy!  I had already offered him a reward, too... he MOVED them!  Yay!  Now, to fit it into the box... <3 J (very tired from searching late last night... remind me to wring his neck after I give him h… Read more


I have lost one of Sara's birthday presents.  :-o Waaaaah! Read more

Shabbos supper

Hmmm... ~ Challah ~ Soup / kneidlach ~ Spinach kugel ~ Corn ~ Chocolate chip cookies ~ Hmm... some kind of chicken - but what?  :-))) Shabbos lunch: ~ Teriyaki salmon w/noodles - not proper udon noodles, th… Read more

What have I accomplished?

Here's my to-do list from Wednesday so I can see what I've accomplished. Done: Make supper! Swimming lesson tonight Finish Sara's present Tutor new student on Skype (aaargh, I have never used … Read more

I'm selling Sara's Jammies!

How cool is that??? A pre-mama ordered 48 wipees, so I made them up using some cast-off partly-shredded jammie pants that she didn't want anymore. The full pants made 16 wipees each, the two p… Read more

Is it cheating...?

...To look at pictures on Etsy as I sew and dream of the day my talent will grow in, like wisdom teeth? Anyway. Supper: ~ Superstore supermarket roast chicken ~ Kellogg's Stovetop Stuffing ~ Roasty t… Read more

To Do List

OK, I'm very overwhelmed this week... TO DO: Make supper! Swimming lesson tonight Finish Sara's present Tutor new student on Skype (aaargh, I have never used Skype, and she's never used a mous… Read more

Overheard on the Internet...

From a discussion of unusual names here:  "don't you think LaTweesha and Shaniqua would find Elisheva and Yerachmiel just as odd?" Umm... yes... okay. We have a running joke here now:  on… Read more


OMG, this video has 147 views: Don't click the link.  It is the dullest, most tedious video.  No sound either; we did it with the old camera. Read more


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New Video

Dumb antics of the big kids from last night can be seen here: Read more

More good food looking gross

So here's how supper turned out. I was so exhausted, I didn't even bother fluffing up the rice, but it was yummy anyway. The fish was on the bland side but everybody ate tons. Carrots well… Read more

Supper - and why suppers?

OK, I just realized I never explained WHY I'm blogging our suppers... Basically, making supper every day is NOT in my nature.  I'm not saying it is for anybody, but I see myself as totally th… Read more

A yummy supper that looks yucky!

But first... more winter sowing! I sure hope this thing works!!!

Yesterday was Rudbeckias, including "Black-Eyed Susan" from a GardenWeb sase that I don't think is really Rudbeckia. Pl… Read more

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