Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Is it cheating...?

...To look at pictures on Etsy as I sew and dream of the day my talent will grow in, like wisdom teeth?
~ Superstore supermarket roast chicken
~ Kellogg's Stovetop Stuffing
~ Roasty tinned potatoes (lots of oil & onion soup mix as our friend Modia suggested!  mmmm...)
~ Tinned french-style green beans
Wow!  A well-rounded meal, tons of starch, and only about 3 seconds of "cooking" (ok, dumping out tins into pots - does that count as cooking?)
But today was our early day aka hell day, with Naomi's swimming and me swimming and Elisheva's "knitting" class (they've apparently given up on knitting; she's sewing yet another bag).  And all the snow and Ted getting home late because I had the car.
Anyway, it was nice to have an easy supper.  What did I do with all the time I saved?  You'll see... :-)))  :-P

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