Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Busy, busy!

Oh, blurg... Naomi's getting a sniffle...
Busy busy during naptime yesterday getting Abigail's present together. Wow! Wait 'till I post it here... that will be exciting!

But I did take a few minutes to make a lovely supper to make up for the great failure of Monday evening:

Tuesday Supper!

Spinach Quiche (hint: start with frozen crust & frozen Tabatchnik cream o' spinach soup)
Rice (because it's all Naomi eats)
Soy / sesame / teriyaki green beans

Tonight's supper was slightly less glamourous:

Wednesday Supper!

Leftover lovelies! Leftover Cookoo's wings from Sunday night, leftover Shabbos meatballs, leftover corn & kugel, and a package of vermicelli rice.

Had to run out in the middle of supper for swimming lessons. It is SO hard in the cold weather. I wasn't sure whether to take Naomi because of her sniffle, but in the end, persistence prevailed and swam we did. Ack. So cold! But next week is the last class and next month is SPRING...

So here's a fun surprise... tomorrow's supper is getting ready already!

Thursday Supper!

Ted-made Lasagna! Aaaaalmost put in red peppers, then realized Sara may well be here so he left them out.
I'm tutoring tomorrow, so he is saving me a ton of work and aggravation. I think the whole family looks forward to the dynamic of our "Sara Thursdays". I'm calmer, the littles are paid-attention-to, for a change, so not whiny and complainy.

Oh - I think Gavriel Zev is getting a tooth, the top-right one. Looks a little whitish along the gumline. Will update!
He is such a playful dolly when I get him on his own and we're both in the right mood. He woke up half an hour before Naomi this afternoon and we had a lovely time together.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaalmost sitting (more a's than the red peppers, above), too! Distract him with a toy, as I did this morning at Mrs ViKi's and he can do it for a few minutes before he notices we've tricked him into being upright.

Had to buy a new Exersaucer today. Don't want to say too much, but to me, this feels like the end of an era. I have an Exersaucer already, bought for YM, that's perfectly good, but it's at a friend's house, and I suspect it is a friend who would rather not see me or us. :-(
Or at the very least, is too busy to care.
Sad. Sad. Sad.
But I have left two messages about the Exersaucer and many more about the legos that have also been in "storage" there after they borrowed them a few years ago. :-(
'Nuff said.

Of course, when I say it's a NEW exersaucer, you realize, this being me, that it's nothing like new... for $15 on Craigslist, it's worth not having to make another nagging phone call about the original exersaucer. Plus, this one's way better, with all kinds of toys and stuff.

But I'm actually p'd off because 1) the guy who sold it to us had a totally different picture in the listing, and 2) this one has a worn-out battery on the little van where you're supposed to push the button to make noise. We pulled it off and opened it up, but there appears to be no way to change the battery. After a bazillion positive Craigslist experiences, of course, number bazillion-and-one had to be a bad one, right?
Well, I wouldn't call this a BAD experience, just annoying.
'Nuff said; Ted wants the computer.

<3 J
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