Sunday, February 24, 2008

I'm procrastinating!

Supposed to be working on an article, but oh, well...I was actually dreading this weekend, but it's turned out not too horrible.

Took the bigs to mini-golfing last night. I decided at the last minute - Shabbos went out almost too late to do anything, but still too early to send the kids straight to bed. We hadn't planned ahead, but I told each of the kids they could bring a friend. YM's friend was busy, but Elisheva's friend Shula said yes, so then YM said he wasn't going... but he caved and had a great time. I accidentally left the scorecard behind when I returned the clubs (doh!) but kept the dumb little pencil (doh!), so I couldn't tell you who won. Pretty sure it was ME. :-)))

I had a bunch (ok, 3) of Craigslist/Freecycle pickups this morning, but it turned out they were all in the Junction, only about half a block apart. Scored a bag of prefold & flat diapers that I will turn into fitteds someday when the serger is working well again (:-((( sad face); Veggie Tales on vhs that we can maybe watch once or twice then off to Value Village; swapped a pair of Robeez for another pair in a bigger size... yay!)

This afternoon I was supposed to go tutoring, but first we (Ted, me, Elisheva & littles) went to Home Depot to look at stuff to build trellises. I've decided on a conduit trellis - it'll be made of cheapo electrical conduit (like water pipes but for electrical wire). Here's a picture of what one looks like. We priced everything out and it looks like we can get two four-feet-wide, five-feet-high trellises for under $30. I will either use string/twine or netting, depending on what's growing on them. I would like three, actually: one for each of the veggie beds I'm dreaming of, plus one for climbing/vining flowers like clematis. We'll see.

Since we left Home Depot, Naomi has been singing a little shushy semi-tuneless "Home Deeeeeepo" song under her breath. She loves going anywhere with us as long as she can sit in the shopping cart!

I had to run out right away to tutoring but I actually had a pretty good time. She seemed at first like she only wanted to know one thing AND like she was going to tell me what to do each class. Frustrating because she came to this two weeks ago knowing less than nothing about computers. But the truth is, it's nice to have an eager student, and as long as I'm a bit more assertive in response to her pushiness, we get along fine. ("Yes, we WILL look at shutting down the computer but it would be most helpful if you'd practice with the mouse for a few more minutes first.")

While I was up north, I stopped in at Sobeys and Joe Boo's Cookoo's and bought SUPPER for the entire family:
~ Medium wings - SIX POUNDS (doh! - bought way too many! paid $60!)
~ Roasty sweet potatoes (doh! - found out too late that mommy made roasty small white potatoes!)
~ Chinese noodles (doh! - yet another starch)
~ Salad (mommy provided this)
~ Hamentashen - prune

Oh... forgot to mention!
More WinterSowing (Royal Family Sweet Pea) as well as Indoor Sowing - last of the double-decker Echinacea and the goblin-ish Gaillardia.
In downstairs garden news, lots of parsley is up, if it can avoid damping off. I moved some to another level so it's not all crowded in and so if the dreaded fungus strikes, at least some may be spared. Butterfly bush (buddleia davidii) and petunias (free for SASE) are also up, teeny tiny seedlings that I hope will make it!. Bought some "No Damp" at "Home Despot" just in case.

Oh - again! In between all of that, I got Freecycled two bales of hay that I plan to use to grow tired potatoes. There were supposed to be three bales, but I'm not complaining. Took ten minutes in the parents' car and I am so happy to have a potato plan that doesn't involve killing them midway through their growth. If only I had potatoes ordered, but it's definitely on the "To Do" list.

And now, I really MUST write.

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