Friday, February 15, 2008

I'm selling Sara's Jammies!

How cool is that??? A pre-mama ordered 48 wipees, so I made them up using some cast-off partly-shredded jammie pants that she didn't want anymore. The full pants made 16 wipees each, the two pairs of boxers (foreground, left) made 8 wipees. The other side is some yummy sage sherpa that seems to go with anything.

There are also a bunch of teddy-bear wipes from a brand-new (I think) Value Village receiving blanket. Total cost: $0.99 for the receiving blanket, maybe $4 worth of sherpa. She's paying $24 - yes, they're $0.50 each, and make a wonderful baby present for cloth diapering parents. If they're for a gift, I use nicer, newer flannel.

But still... 50 cents apiece for 6" squares of used-up jammies. That's almost more than Elvis's jammies would go for, or chunks of the Berlin wall. (do they still have those?)

Looking at the pictures, these are definitely "seconds" in appearance... the stripes and plaids don't match up at all and many are nowhere near square. Still - think about what they're going to be used for and I think you'll agree that it's a pretty forgiving application.

Elisheva came in while I was cutting up the jammie pants and made a face at the thought of reusing worn-out jammies at all. Then she reached for her Kleenex box - I bought her "mentholyptus" Kleenex for school that she claims smell too disgusting to bring to school.

I stopped her from taking a Kleenex, saying she could use a hankie while she's at home and she said, "Ew! The same one other people have used?!?" She reminds me of her grandmother... who I seem to remember (from who knows where) can't bear the thought of hankies.

I guess this isn't the time to bring up reusable menstrual products with Elisheva, is it? :-o

I was out all day - tutoring, Sara's party, so Ted made pasta with red peppers, frozen p's&c's on the side.

Tutoring was awful. It was new people I've never been to before. And then everything that could go wrong did. I was late for 11:00 a.m., couldn't get the laptop started, first it was Vista, then the Internet connection kept dropping and finally the battery died because the power supply wasn't getting power from the wall to the computer for some reason. I was supposed to be there for an hour, but stayed more than two (they did pay me for two, unlike other people who annoy me by rounding drastically down) and when I left, I left them with instructions to call Dell and solve the power supply problem. Not happy with the way I resolved it, but I kept thinking of Ted home with the frantic baby (he went from 9:30 to 1:30 - eek).

We got some great garden benches! FINALLY... this was a Craigslist pickup that I've been trying to arrange, literally, for months. Two for $20! Also picked up in the garbage two tomato cages, a wooden planter, two bushel baskets... no idea what I'll use those for. They're all in the garage, waiting for spring. Oh, and a bucket from ice melting crystals. I want to wash it out, have Ted drill it, hang it up, and use it as an upside-down tomato bucket.


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