Thursday, February 28, 2008

Well, I couldn't very well post and NOT include a food picture, right? This was brownies Elisheva made two nights ago (Tuesday)...

Because tonight's supper was already made (lasagna, by Ted), I decided to augment it with fresh homemade bread. Catch was, I was supposed to go out tutoring this afternoon, so I decided to be smart and make a "sponge" for the bread before our library program this morning, then quickly finish the bread between lunch, putting the kiddies to bed and going out tutoring. How do you spell "Ha ha ha" again?

Anyhow, things kind of degenerated around 1:30 when Sara was here to babysit, I was rushing Yerachmiel Meir out the door and I realized Mr. Sponge (I was calling him "Bob" Sponge) was still sitting bulking up in a glass baking dish on the table.

So I basically handed Bob l'Eponge off to Sara, which was, of course, exactly the right thing to do. Came home to a house that smelled yeasty and delicious and the final product was crusty and amazing. It even maybe, just maybe overshadowed Ted's lasagna slightly.

What an awful night last night. Slept fitfully to dreams of my grandmother (mother's mother), somehow still alive but somehow rather demented - she was trying to cook for the whole family but it came out of the pan as an awful half-desserty half-omelette. She was always such a fantastic cook; so glad that isn't a real memory, but it's hung over me the whole day. She was dishevelled in the dream and not speaking very lucidly. Totally the opposite of the way she was in real life.

Then I woke up at 5 to the baby screaming, literally screaming. I think the little guy is hungry... two and a half weeks until 6 months, but I'm thinking of maybe jumping the gun on solids just because he seems so interested when we eat and because he just seems hungry, somehow. I seem to remember that Naomi couldn't have cared less at that age. Even these days, she's just not so into food. Maybe we have another Eater on our hands (YM is Eater #1 around here nowadays).

Speaking of YM, his alarm clock (actually, his palm) woke me up this morning - apparently he sets the alarm and hooks it up to speakers in his room because his real alarm clock that we bought him doesn't do the trick. So in addition to the lousy dream and screaming baby, there was this intermittent beeping. Aargh.

It was going off so early because he's been going to minyan twice a week, building up - I hope - both to next year and, short term, to leading the davening on Jeremy's yahrzeit. What an accomplishment that would be for the weird kid from public school... I really think and hope going to shul every day will have a tremendous impact on his self-esteem. He needs a lot of support to get up and out so early, though. Ted went down tonight to make sure his clothes were laid out nicely for the morning.

Anyway, Ted's coming back in a minute - we're renting an actual movie, from Blockbuster. The library has a new policy that you can't reserve new release DVDs for one year from when the library gets them, which totally puts a crimp in our entertainment regimen which was formerly almost 100% library. Since they brought in this policy, we've been to Blockbuster three times. It's not that we're so fussy that we have to have every new movie. But some new movies, sometimes, can be nice, and now there is no chance of none. Pretty sad, actually.

By the way!
If anyone out there is reading this besides my sister Abigail, it's her birthday this Shabbos, so we should all visit her MySpace Page (not on Shabbos) and hum along moodily to her ethereal "Boston Song." Hmmm.... I wonder if the CJN has ever done a piece on her? Different last name from mine; who would know??? ;-)
And, of course, Happy Birthday to Abi!
I'll post pictures of her prezzies here on Sunday, bli neder. (of course, everybody on Craftster has seen them already!)
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