Friday, February 15, 2008

What have I accomplished?

Here's my to-do list from Wednesday so I can see what I've accomplished.
Make supper!
Swimming lesson tonight
Finish Sara's present
Tutor new student on Skype (aaargh, I have never used Skype, and she's never used a mouse!) (made a mess of this, though)
Coordinate 1 visit and 2 major interviews for upcoming CJN education supplement article (now I just have to do the interviews, write the article, etc)
Decide what to make Naomi (I'm thinking a sock Beluga, but doubt my abilities to create a convincingly cute one)
Make up wipees for someone who's coming to pick up 48 of them on Friday
Feed & care for 2 little ones
Pick up or arrange drop-off of YM's new Palm
Not done:
Make supper!
& care for 2 little ones
Take care of YM over extremely long weekend... (he's off Thursday afternoon, Friday and Monday)
Make Naomi's gift
Prepare more wintersown flats
LAUNDRY!!!  I have not folded a single laundry item this entire week.  Guess what I'm doing tomorrow?  :-(
Shutting down now, I swear...

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