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Digging out from under Laundry Mountain...

The table is piled high with laundry! There are about ten different piles. The scary thing is, this isn't a month's worth of laundry, or a week's worth... it's yesterday's laundry… Read more

More addictions!

Flax seeds - they're everywhere these days! Smaller and more slippery than a sunflower seed, bigger and more substantial than a sesame seed. And full of Omega-3's, they say...

And, totally u… Read more

And the big bday present this year is...

Random thoughts:
Nosiness and curiousity are so close to being flip sides of the same coin...
A person's insatiable desire to learn is something they say wonderful things about in eulogies... but t… Read more


Gave a workshop today at the Betel Centre about buying/selling on eBay. Only 4 people (out of nine "registered") showed up... but they were very involved and interested, so that's okay… Read more

Re: Test post to Blogger

Kind of a "nothing" day... I always feel like Monday and Tuesday are recovering-from-the-weekend days.

Baby playgroup at the shul. $7 seems like a lot for babies to sit around and play for … Read more

Done, done, done!

This week is looking way rosier than last week (the end, anyway). We have a "new" washing machine! It works great! The clothes were starting to get dingy... my criterion for a good washer i… Read more

Broken Washing Machine Frantic Sad Day

Yes... the demise of a terrible washing machine CAN have that much of an impact on my life. More about the washer later.

Otherwise, it was already a crazy day - I was out tutoring this morning and go … Read more

Addicted to... raves page

Only one so far:

YU organic basmati rice milk - costs a fortune... maybe if I get a blender for my birthday, I will figure out how to make this. Pur rice, no sugar added, so this is kind of a guilt-fr… Read more

Swimming Lessons! & HB to me!

Today was Naomi's third swimming lesson - my 2nd. I couldn't take her last week, since I was doing a workshop at the Betel Centre. What a fun time! The pool water was cold so it was only a 1/… Read more

Cast of Characters

I don't like coming "cold" into a blog without knowing who's who... you know, you're reading along and all of a sudden, Phoebe does something and you're like, "who'… Read more

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