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Meeting the Masters: The Evolution of Mondrian

As much as I am enjoying Meet the Masters, I found today’s unit on Mondrian to be somewhat lacking.  It explains very nicely about his use of colour and balance, and I guess they can’t say EVERYTHING… Read more


PROBLEM SOLVED – I hope.  Please let me know if it’s still redirecting you.  And please, avoid letting AuthorStream access your Blogger account.  Now I’m scared it will happen again, because I put in… Read more

RonyPony Reviews: Homeschool Buyers Co-op

Looking for a new and fun way to spend those hard-saved and tightly-allocated homeschooling bucks???  I thought so!I don’t even remember when I joined the Homeschool Buyers Coop, a name which bugs m… Read more

Science Memory Work: Poems for Elemental Science (Plants, Animals)

Legal disclaimer:  I am not the owner or publisher or Elemental Science, and have no affiliation with anyone who is.  I’m just an ordinary parent looking forward to using this curriculum with my kids… Read more

Animal Camouflage Science

After we did the “Newspaper Camouflage” experiment from Science Around the World, I gave Naomi Rivka a piece of newpaper to design her own “creatures,” one made of newspaper and one made of white pa… Read more

School Week… School Year

A few new “Daily Program” additions I’m trying out as we enter what will hopefully be our first real week of school.We may not stick with all of them through the school year, but I thought they’d be … Read more

Awesome Parsha Graphic – Re’ay!

Or Re’eh, or however you spell it… here’s Naomi’s interpretation of the laws of shechita (kosher slaughter).I REALLY like how the cow is smiling cheerfully under the knife.  And the shochet (with Pri… Read more

Two Projects for Elul – Carnival & NEW Rosh Hashanah Lapbook!

Yup, I’m resurrecting the Carnival of Jewish Homeschooling, and I hope you-all will come along for the ride.  Here’s some information and links to past carnivals.Or, just round up your best blog post… Read more

Free Fun Early Reading Materials (phonics & sight)

Just came across this site, and I thought I’d share it:  Primarily Reading, by retired teacher Gloria Lapin.As a FREE alternative to Bob Books and other primary readers, I like the fact that the sit… Read more

Weekly Parsha Copywork

I don’t usually post when I put it up, but since I’ve missed a few weeks, and have a few new readers, I thought I’d mention that I try to post copywork on Sunday or Monday to match the weekly parsha.… Read more

Naomi’s “anti-school” story

Here’s a story Naomi write at the cottage.  Ted created the cheerful illustration below to go along with it.  I was thrilled to see this and another story she spontaneously wrote while we were up the… Read more

Cottage highlights

Back and exhausted!  Here are a few pictorial highlights:Arriving!  Everybody marvels at the irony that a cottage is supposed to be smaller and less luxurious than your regular home.  This is a mansi… Read more

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