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Naomi’s “anti-school” story

cottage life 098Here’s a story Naomi write at the cottage.  Ted created the cheerful illustration below to go along with it.  I was thrilled to see this and another story she spontaneously wrote while we were up there.  But I was totally surprised, given her occasional protestations and fantasizations about school, by the anti-school tone of the thing.

I have corrected spelling and punctuation so it doesn’t give you a headache:

“THE SCHOOL:  The Trouble” (by Naomi Rivka, age 6.5).

Once upon a time there was a girl.  She lived close to school, so one day she went to school.  She did not like it so she went home and she said “I do not like school.”

cottage life 099“Go to school.” [presumably, her mother says this]

“But it is bad, like I told you.  I do not want to go.”

“You have to go.  You are late.”

“No, I want to stay with you.”

“No, you can’t,” the mother interrupted.  [incharaptid]  “No.”

The mother pushed [push’t] her out the door.

(the end)

(As a Charlotte Mason fan, I don’t approve of his copying her misspelling of the word “Trouble” (chrabel); Charlotte Mason believed that the more times kids see their own bad spelling, the more it is reinforced)