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Meeting the Masters: The Evolution of Mondrian

As much as I am enjoying Meet the Masters, I found today’s unit on Mondrian to be somewhat lacking. 

It explains very nicely about his use of colour and balance, and I guess they can’t say EVERYTHING, but it only gives a brief mention of the fact that his style changed from the beginning to the end of his career. 

There were no samples shown of his early art, so I started poking around to find out what it looked like… and was blown away by how much his style changed. 

This is a theme we explored a little with Mary Cassatt, whose paintings started out in the stiff, formal portrait style that was popular when she studied art, and began to take on a more natural, contemporary, almost photographic style.  So I thought it would be helpful for the kids to see how Mondrian’s work ALSO changed, in a nice, light slideshow form.

You can also download the slideshow as a PowerPoint Presentation here, or a printable / on-screen PDF from my General Studies printables page here (scroll down or search for “Artists”).

Enjoy!  Scroll down for more Mondrian resources after the slideshow.

More Mondrian Resources (I’ll add more later – must go fold laundry right this minute!!!):