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Weekly Parsha Copywork

I don’t usually post when I put it up, but since I’ve missed a few weeks, and have a few new readers, I thought I’d mention that I try to post copywork on Sunday or Monday to match the weekly parsha. 

Unlike what seems like most places in the US, school here starts after the Labour Day weekend (except for years like 2010, when the yamim tovim came super-early).  Our official “not going back to school” beach party is on Tuesday, September 6th.

Still – we didn’t take the summer off, just eased off a bit to accomodate other activities, and this week, we’re ramping our way back up to a full curriculum.

For this week’s parsha, Re’ay, I chose a very short excerpt (“do not cook a kid in its cmother’s milk”) along with a list of a few other types of animals found in this week’s parsha. 


  • Download this and MANY other parsha/holiday resources from my Limudei Kodesh (Jewish Studies) page, here.
  • For general-studies downloads and printables, including bilingual Hebrew-English science resources, click here.