PROBLEM SOLVED – I hope.  Please let me know if it’s still redirecting you.  And please, avoid letting AuthorStream access your Blogger account.  Now I’m scared it will happen again, because I put in my password… :-o

My apologies if you are redirected to a SPAM site, like

I am working overtime to fix the problem.

Note that this problem originated when I tried to share a video through a powerpoint sharing site called AuthorStream.  So there you go.  I haven’t provided a link… nobody should deal with this company, as the problem began about one second later.  Blah.


  1. I'm happy you found the problem! With mine, I notice a lot of religious blogs were having issues, so I started by looking at an old widget for 4Real Learning, a Catholic homeschooling forum. Sure enough, there it was. I know their blogroll was no longer being maintained, so I just deleted the widget.

    Been a fun day, huh? :o)

    Peace and Laughter,

  2. It has indeed! Small bloggy world... I have enjoyed your wonderful comic strips before, but never signed up to follow, for some reason. That has now been remedied. Thanks for stopping by!


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