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Awesome Parsha Graphic – Re’ay!

Or Re’eh, or however you spell it…hungry shochet here’s Naomi’s interpretation of the laws of shechita (kosher slaughter).

I REALLY like how the cow is smiling cheerfully under the knife.  And the shochet (with Princess Leia buns on the sides of his head) is not at all put off his dinner by the thought of the bloodbath to come.  “Yam Im Hangry” indeed!!!

I’m spending a sedentary day by the computer, but here’s a bit more inspiration for you from this week’s parsha…

  • Parsha Poem for Parshas Re’ay
  • Dvar Torah from Parshas Re’ay last year.

And, of course, this week’s funky Godcast – with a song for Re’eh!

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