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Shabbos Desserts!

Well, I ought to be working on the whole menu, but so far, I haven’t gotten past the sweet stuff.  Typical.Nevertheless, “al hamar v’ha matok” – for the bitter and the sweet, a line from a Naomi Shem… Read more

Parsha Poem: Vaeira / וָאֵרָא

שְׁמוֹת / shemos / shemot / Exodus 6:2-9:35Printable PDF versions:  Ashkenazi, Sefardi.  (PDF help here!)
Parsha narrative overview here.
Copywork sheet and parsha activities available here.Walking t… Read more

Naomi’s Birthday Gift

Well, the first I’ve bought this year, anyway… and it’s totally commercial, though it’s from before she was born (new in the box on eBay).Why this Barbie?I was looking at doctor / nurse / midwife out… Read more

Homeschool Resources Roundup: Math, Math, Math!

Hi!  Welcome to my blog!  For some reason, this entry has become one of my most popular posts of all time.  I guess because it has so many exciting homeschooly keywords, unlike most of my posts, whic… Read more

OMG, I applied

… and you can, too:  Jewish Women’s Renaissance Project Israel ExperienceWhat was I thinking?  Even just for the cost of airfare, I can’t afford it!And what about the fact that I can’t stand groups … Read more

From the Bookshelf: Radical Homemakers

Radical Homemakerson the definition of economy, from the Greek “oikonomos,” meaning “household manager”:“Money is simply a tool.  We use money as a proxy for our time and labour – our life energy – t… Read more

Summer 2011 Coleus: or, counting chickens…?

I’ve been dreading this job – but now, it’s done!I’m actually a full three weeks earlier this year to rescue the coleus that have been languishing since the summer on the kitchen windowsill.  SEVEN g… Read more

Homeschool Diary #9: 20 Teves, 5771

PLEASE JOIN US! If you teach your kids at home, please add your blog to comments section below!
Other “weekly challenges” that may or may not interest you: Six Word SaturdayMenu Plan MondayA bit of a … Read more

Menu Plan Monday #33: 20 Teves, 5771

Why the weird dates? Click here to find out! 
Other “weekly challenges” I participate in that may or may not interest you: Six Word SaturdayHomeschool DiaryHi!  We are a Jewish family of 6 (2 parents… Read more

If you’ve never spent too much (or too much time) on Etsy…

…Then just skip this post right on over. If you HAVE, well, I found this video funny, and you might, too.  I also just subscribed to the blog.  I mean, this needed to be a word!Warning:  the video is… Read more

A different kind of tree

The wise and wonderful Batya Medad has once again reminded us of our true responsibilities in looking back on the Carmel fire and taking a lesson from Israel’s water shortages.  But, although I usua… Read more

Vaeira / וָאֵרָא Parsha Overview: The first plagues

This is a basic overview of the parsha story in a “Q&A” format adaptable for kids of any age.  Answers in brackets are traditional responses, from parsha text and midrash.  But be open to anythin… Read more

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