Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Naomi’s Birthday Gift


Well, the first I’ve bought this year, anyway… and it’s totally commercial, though it’s from before she was born (new in the box on eBay).

Why this Barbie?

  • I was looking at doctor / nurse / midwife outfits anyway, because she asked for one, and this cost not that much more than just an outfit on its own.
  • She’s BLACK.  (click the link – that’s a GOOD thing, though Naomi already has a black “Barbie” if you count Iridessa, which she does…)
  • She comes with BABIES!  Not one, but three!
  • I think there are a couple of other doctor-type accessories in the package, but even if not, I think it’s a great gift.

I’m so happy she doesn’t read this blog (yet!).  Can’t post the other kids’ gifts here… well, not YM’s anyway, but I did mention Elisheva’s.

There will probably be more gifts as the date approaches… just debating how tacky it would be to email the extended family to say NO MORE BARBIES!!!