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Menu Plan Monday #33: 20 Teves, 5771

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Hi!  We are a Jewish family of 6 (2 parents, 4 kids) and all our meals are kosher.  Newcomers, read my MPM intro here which tells you all about who we are, or just visit my super-duper-list-imization of Everything We Eat.

Sunday (Ted off):  Take out Howie T’s burgers @ Mommy’s, revive sourdough overnight

Monday:  Superstore Chicken & roasted potato/carrots (note:  buy slider buns for Wed.)

Tuesday (Ted late):  Good sourdough bread, yummy soup – do I need to be more specific???  ;-)

Wednesday:  Turkey sliders, Naomi’s request

Thursday (Vegan Vursday):  Hot/sour soup w/homemade seitan – so amazing last time; veggie stir-fry, maybe peanut sauce and rice stick noodles?

Shabbos:  I dunno!!

I wanted to include here – one of the biggest hits from last week:  veggie pot pie, totally vegan and inspired by Amy over at Homeshuling.  It’s basically my regular all-veggie stew (with tofu, but all I had was extra-firm silken (oxymoron?), so it came out kind of crumbly), baked in a crust. 

I used a frozen crust for the bottom, but instead of Amy’s cobbler topping, whomped on this pretty homemade crust.  Left out the nutritional yeast, but I must say – Tamari, mmm… I use it all the time for other things, but in this dish, it added just the right savoury note.  I also used some red wine in the gravy, which was the most mind-blowing pareve gravy I’ve ever tasted.

potpie 003 potpie 002

Yummy!  (it may not look delicious in the pictures, but believe me, it was!