Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

OMG, I applied

image … and you can, too:  Jewish Women’s Renaissance Project Israel Experience

What was I thinking?  Even just for the cost of airfare, I can’t afford it!

And what about the fact that I can’t stand groups of women???

Telling question from the FAQ:

Question:  Is there time to shop?

Answer:  There will be several opportunities to shop during the Jerusalem portion of the trip, as well as time to purchase Ahava Dead Sea products before leaving Masada.

SHOP???  I was happy that Ted brought back souvenirs for a few people after our trip, because even though I glanced at a few windows (“that might be nice for Sara”) I doubt I’d ever have bought anything on my own.

If and when I get to Israel, I want to do it on my own terms.  I want to be a lone wolf; I want to hitchhike!  I want to take buses and trains, to roam wherever and do whatever, and you cannot do that on a $#!% tour.


And yet.  And yet.  It’s only an application form.  They might say no, and even if they say yes, I might say no.  Ted’s vacation schedule might not work out; the MONEY might not work out.  It’s not really just the cost of airfare… I’m sure there are dinners out, urgent chocolate bar needs, tips, I don’t know what.  And souvenirs.

I would need free time.  Time to wander and stare at stuff and just be ME… in Israel.  My own FAQ:

Question:  Is there time to bugger off, skip town, sleep in, be grouchy and antisocial… in other words, just be ME?

Answer:  ???

I have said many times I would do almost anything to get back there.  Maybe this is what I have to do.

Disappointing postscript:  despite absolutely NO indication anywhere on the website, it seems the trip is for NON-Orthodox women only.  Despite the fact that the concept was pioneered by Lori Palatnik with a 4-day Utah retreat that included Jewish women “from all walks of life…married, single, older, younger, observant and non-observant women.”  Sigh…