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Me, a la Magnadoodle

Elisheva sketched this while waiting to say Shema tonight.  Even on GZ’s tiny little magnadoodle screen, she’s clearly quite talented – right?So why does GZ have a magnadoodle?It turns out he loves t… Read more

Wow, wow, wow… and mazel tov!

The TWO FAMILIES who were waiting for babies in this post two days ago had their babies today.  Both boys, I think.  Both posted on facebook within 10 minutes of each other.I do miss the old-fashione… Read more

Shabbos Food

I want to be super-organized this Shabbos because I’m doing kiddie Shabbos Party again on Friday morning and also because we’re supposed to be hosting another family, though I haven’t heard back yet … Read more

Hey, wow. I made “chicken”!!!

Yup, genuine, homemade (inexpensive) seitan fake-chicken for tomorrow night’s vegan stir-fry.  How did I do it???Since the process was astonishingly bread-like, I decided to post it over here on my b… Read more

I won!

Over at!I won $25 in hair accessories, or hair-covering accessories, just for adding two entries to the site’s hair-covering glossary.Here were my winning suggestions:BumpitA plast… Read more

Waiting for a baby

Waiting, waiting.  There is nothing more happy or hopeful than waiting for a baby.Two friends, or rather, one friend and one acquaintance, are due this week, so someone is bound to pop any second.Not… Read more

(Kosher) Menu Plan Monday #20: 16 Tammuz, 5770

Why the weird dates? Click here to find out!We are a Jewish family of 6 (2 parents, 4 kids) and all our meals are kosher. Newcomers, you can read my MPM intro here which tells you all about who we ar… Read more

It’s SOOPER funfair day…! :-)))

Thanks to a couple of dedicated mamas, our first (of many, I hope) neighbourhood funfair took place at a small local park very close to our house.I ran a Kosher Bake Sale table, selling buns, muffins… Read more

Look what I came home to!!!

Oh, I am in LOVE.  The garden was at its absolute BEST of the year when we pulled up at home yesterday.  A little sun, a little rain… PERFECT!In this photo:  shasta daisies, bee balm almost ready to … Read more

Six-Word Saturday: 16 Tammuz, 5770

Why the weird dates? Click here to find out!Join the parade:  highway of heroesDriving home yesterday afternoon, every single bridge between CFB Trenton and Toronto was lined with firefighters, param… Read more

Dispatch from the road

Well, not really, because if you’re reading this, I’ve found a WiFi connection, which probably means we’re home.I was hoping Ted’s brother Richard would have WiFi at home, where we’re staying, given… Read more

Six-Word Saturday: 8 Tammuz, 5770

Why the weird dates? Click here to find out!What to call Ottawa folks: suggestions?Seriously… I still haven’t found a satisfying answer. Ottawanians? Ottaweenies? Ottagonians? (no, silly; that’s… Read more

The lemons are exquisite!

Last year (Spring 2009), I vowed to stop fighting two garden menaces that I simply could NOT get rid of:  tenacious grapevines growing in the backyard, and a prickle-weed in the front foundation bed.… Read more

First raspberries!

I don’t remember them being so HUGE before.  Most are not ripe yet, and whatever we don’t pick on Sunday will probably be overripe when we return from Ottawa next Friday.  :-oNo bugs, by the way… and… Read more

Shabbos Food

Going to Ottawa on Sunday, so we’re keeping it low-key… but delicious!  My mother made the brisket because she felt like brisket.  I love when that happens!DinnerChavi’s Perfect Balance ChallotSoup w… Read more

The SBNR Epidemic

Gaaaack!  I didn’t know this thing had gotten SOoooo way out of hand until I read this post from Minnesota Mameleh, and googled the phrase “Spiritual but not religious” (try it!).Frankly, I was convi… Read more

Naptime = Nopetime

Just about the hardest thing today was keeping Gavriel Zev awake as we tootled around town running various errands.With Baby #1, it seems (from watching other families, because I have no memory of th… Read more

Cute Snakey Parsha Craft for Chukas / Chukat

Whatever you call it, there’s lots of snakey stuff happening in this week’s parsha.  Here’s a fun way to help kids remember, courtesy of Emily Shapiro Katz of ParshaProjects and Challah Crumbs.  It’s… Read more

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