Look what I came home to!!!

backday 001Oh, I am in LOVE.  The garden was at its absolute BEST of the year when we pulled up at home yesterday.  A little sun, a little rain… PERFECT!

In this photo:  shasta daisies, bee balm almost ready to flower, five “The President” clematis blooms (near the top left of the archway), daylilies in the foreground and too many other wonderful things to possibly name.  There are even a couple of fuchsias visible in the basket hanging off the garage.  Really, the shasta daisies steal the show.  It rained all Shabbos, so they kind of drooped, but I hope with sunny weather tomorrow, they will still perk up.

Yarrow with bolted bok choy flowers (okay, not every flower is a wonderful thing, but these are still kind of pretty together!):

backday 004

Stunning bee-balm and daylily together in the front bed:

backday 013backday 014

Raspberries bursting wherever we looked!

 backday 002   

Even a few tomatoes, coming along slowly…

backday 019

Milkweeds, doing their job of attracting butterflies and other pollinators – plus, smelling fantastic (like my toes?).

backday 027

And a nice subtle Shabbos bouquet to top things off…

 backday 021 

This is not nearly all, but I won’t bore you with the whole slideshow.  Trust me, it’s amazing!


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