Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cute Snakey Parsha Craft for Chukas / Chukat

snakes 001Whatever you call it, there’s lots of snakey stuff happening in this week’s parsha. 

Here’s a fun way to help kids remember, courtesy of Emily Shapiro Katz of ParshaProjects and Challah Crumbs.  It’s basically a cut-out spiral in a paper plate, and snakes 004I happened to have some lovely, snakily festive paper plates left over from my mother’s birthday supper on Sunday.

Both kids were fascinated that it still lies flat, like a plate, then “jumps up” like a real snake.  They’re a bit into snakes already because we’ve been reading Kipling’s Rikki-Tikki-Tavi (25 cent library clearance) and they also saw the movie last week.

The snake above is Naomi Rivka’s.  I drew the spiral, she cut it out.  I drew the head outline; she filled it in and cut that out, too.  I did the hole-punching, attached the ribbons, and hung them from the ceiling where they can slowly spin in the breeze from the front door (mine has ripped a couple of times already!).

Our G-dcast video this week is also snake-themed.  Not necessarily for kids, though; their open-mouthed fiery snakes might be a bit scary (my kids watched it; nothing scares them!).  The dvar Torah itself is interesting, though; well worth watching for the slightly more mature crowd.

Easy, rewarding craft – and somewhat biodegradable, too!