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Yes, I'm making supper!

OK... finally figgered it out.

~ Multi-veggie barley soup (ie leftover slimy fridge celery plus frozen cut-up veggies)
~ Pasta (casarecce) in creamy garlic tomato sauce (ie the rest of the cream chees… Read more

Birthday Boy Jollity

Yay! Somewhere along the line, we made it to 14 without killing this boy.

Family dinners have become a real party as Daddy gives away all his junkiest possessions (a binder full of provincial park br… Read more

What Naomi's getting

Well, her birthday's still almost five months off, but if anyone asks what she wants, here it is:

TEKNO the robotic BOUNCING puppy! Available at Sears for only $70!

We have a totally old-school T… Read more

The baby's gift arrived!

Well, here's what I got him... and let me just say, he was TOTALLY surprised!
It's a Baby Bottoms Doll. They're available in various ethnicities, but I ordered this one, which is hispani… Read more

Under Pressure!

Got Freecycled a Lagostina pressure cooker (Brava model?)! So last night, our first on-our-own, non-Shabbos, post-Yom Tov meal (last Thursday night, we had leftovers), I made pressure-cooker "r… Read more

Belly Button Surgery Nummies

They didn't say no, anyway. Just not the morning of the surgery, or the 24
hours following.
I can't imagine how we'll go 2 days without nummies, though... or have him
shlepped back and … Read more

Sukkos Meal Plan

MealMondayTuesdayWednesdayDayGlozicsRound ChallahSalmon w/honey,mustardSome Kinda SoopBlintz Loaf thingCrunch-E-CheezNeapolitan CakeGoldbergSteak SaladGreen … Read more

Fw: Products: Irresistibles, Selection, Master Choice, Equality, Solutions 1-2-3

----- Original Message ----- From: "Customer Care-Metro ON" <> To: <> Sent: Thursday, October 09, 2008 8:07 AM Subject: RE: Products: Irresistibles, Selection, Master C… Read more

Ant swarm erev Shabbos!

Gack! I'm still covered in ants from this crazy swarm going on outside... must be mating
day! I think I'll be feeling creepy crawlies, both real and imagined for a while... I went out to tak… Read more

Dull Pasta Letter to Metro Stores

"We've shopped in our new Metro store (formerly Dominion) twice so far.  I've been dismayed to notice that none of the Irresistibles brand pasta seem to have kosher certification. … Read more

Brilliant! Idea! What to get for the baby who has every THING!

Mary (big kids' grandmother, but I just call her my mother-in-law because I promised I would never divorce her) called yesterday to ask what she could get the baby.  She was on her cell and had h… Read more

Morbid Math

"If you have THIS MANY kitties and two of them DIE, you only have one left!"

I guess that makes it slightly easier to remember than all those word problems where some ghostly hand was "… Read more

And so it begins...

With tomorrow bringing Toronto's official First Frost Date,
I declare...
The Indoor Coleus Season 2008/2009
officially open!!!

Ladies, start your rooting... or something!

Read more

Circle time, sukkah time

Here's a rare shot of my sometimes-sung hero of the Sukkah world... putting up our sukkah over a week ahead of time. Amazing!

Went with Elisheva and the Littles to "visit the relatives&quo… Read more

Well, this is unusual... (me, awake)

Sitting here at 7:26 waiting for the stunned-by-two-days-of-Yom-Tov kiddies to wake up; what a rarity to have a moment of peace and quiet.  At the expense of sleep, of course.  Got up at 5:30 to w… Read more

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