Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Birthday Boy Jollity

Yay! Somewhere along the line, we made it to 14 without killing this boy.

Family dinners have become a real party as Daddy gives away all his junkiest possessions (a binder full of provincial park brochures to YM as a remembrance of this summer's wonderful camping trip - BONUS: "you can keep the binder").

When he's not divesting himself of the stuff he can't take with him, he's dispensing advice - offering to buy me a cemetery plot, exhorting me to care for my teeth, etc.

This week's good news is that my root canal wasn't... it turned out the decay wasn't that extensive and we managed to avoid drilling into the root - for now. Dr. S assured me that it might or might not "stick" and it might need a root canal at a later date. Oh, well.

Tonight's Supper: NO CLUE!

<3 J
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