Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Brilliant! Idea! What to get for the baby who has every THING!

Mary (big kids' grandmother, but I just call her my mother-in-law because I promised I would never divorce her) called yesterday to ask what she could get the baby. 
She was on her cell and had her hands on some probably gorgeous baby-outerwear thing at the time, but I had to say NO MORE CLOTHES because their dresser is literally overflowing... okay, what they need is a new dresser, but that's not a great birthday present.

So I asked another mama, Rachel, what to get for the baby who literally has everyTHING he could possibly want... we are actually asking people to not send any more stuffed things EVER and, studying the toy company websites last night, I couldn't imagine opening our home to any more plastic JUNK. 
And she said a zoo membership.  Which is brilliant because it doesn't clutter the house and saves us about a hundred bucks each time we visit (oy, literally - I just added it up and once Elisheva turns 13 and Naomi turns 4, it's $92 for the 6 of us plus $8 parking). 
Oooh, I think this is perfect; I'm so excited!  The baby is the perfect age; he loves animals, and we could go over Sukkos next week... and if you get to Toronto in the next year, we can sneak Mary in somehow.  :-)))
Last night's pasta warmed over with tomato sauce and salmon...
Not original, but tomorrow night is Yom Kippur and I'm out fixing somebody's computer at 5, so there it is.
<3 J