What Naomi's getting

Well, her birthday's still almost five months off, but if anyone asks what she wants, here it is:

TEKNO the robotic BOUNCING puppy! Available at Sears for only $70!

We have a totally old-school Tekno I bought Elisheva a million years ago. Even with batteries, he no longer has the pep he once did, but this is honestly one of the best electronic toys I have ever, ever seen. Some of the reviews on epinions say their kids got bored with it very quickly, but our kids have NEVER tired of switching him on and letting him run around. And even now that our Tekno doesn't really switch on, Naomi and Gavriel Zev love him to bits.

So I'm hoping a new one will provide just as many years of fun. Let's hope so, cuz this is what I'm suggesting to the first person who asks what she wants!

<3 J
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