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The Jewish Defense League – why they don’t speak for me (or you?).

I just got flamed on Facebook – now that’s something that doesn’t happen often.(My life’s pretty boring, I guess.) But when I saw this story in a Facebook group, about the Jewish Defense League sett… Read more

Daddy and the Zhlub: Should baalei teshuvah be ashamed of their families?

I used to resent my parents for not being religious. (Mommy, if you're reading this, keep going - there's a happy ending.) It was a baal teshuvah thing.  One of those not-nice things they do… Read more

Sydney Taylor Award 2015 BLOG TOUR: Goldie Takes a Stand, with Barbara Krasner and Kelsey Garrity-Riley

Welcome to the SYDNEY TAYLOR BOOK AWARD 2015 BLOG TOUR, hosted by the Association of Jewish Libraries, in which authors and illustrators of new books share their stories with the world.  The book tou… Read more

Refuah Sheleimah? What we can daven for when someone is dying.

Many years ago, my coworker’s mother was very, very sick.  She was in a coma.  I asked him his mother’s Hebrew name.  And here’s the thing that stopped me in my tracks.This guy wasn’t religious.  At … Read more

BLOG TOUR / Review: Tucson Jo, by Carol Matas – Wild West, Jewish style.

You know that saying about how history is written by the victors? That usually doesn't include us Jews. You've heard of Wyatt Earp, right?  But probably not of Charles Strauss, the Jewish m… Read more

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