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Parenting, a moment too late

Have you ever had the feeling that you’ve finally figured everything out?And then… something happens and you realize – nope.  You never had it figured out in the first place.Like daycare.  Daycare wa… Read more

What Jewish looks like: opening up the ortho-BOX.

There are more things in heaven and earth… Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.
- Hamlet (1.5.167-8), Hamlet to Horatio Before you start to wonder what this post is doing here:  yes, I realize that… Read more

When your feet hurt…

When your feet hurt, you walk less.You sit more.  (and okay, yes, sitting sometimes equals snacking)You do less.You grow and grow until you feel not at home in your body anymore.You put stuff off.The… Read more

How the Top Ten Jewish kids’ books are hurting Jewish kids.

Remember that Paperclips movie a few years ago?  There’s a book out about it now, too.  The movie made me angry, and tonight I’m angry again, for almost the same reason.  Am I the only one?In case yo… Read more

Have you told your kids about shemittah?

You might know already that here in Israel, this is a shemittah year.Shemittah is the 7th year of a 7-year cycle found in the Torah, and all year long, Torah-observant farmers aren't working thei… Read more

Your First Seder: 10 Savvy Survival Tips to survive – and enjoy! – your first seder experience.

Invited to your first seder? Maybe you’re still sort of wondering what a seder is?  Or how modern Jews today go about celebrating it?  You may be curious… or you may be terrified. Relax!  If this is… Read more

Ashley Martin: A heartbreak… a disaster… a homebirth…?

Maybe you’ve seen this PopSugar article in which a mother denounces her homebirth experience.  Everyone assured her that she was low risk, but she had a painful, long labour which ended in a floppy o… Read more

Meriting the Redemption: a birthday dvar Torah for Parshas Shemos 5775

Why were the Jews redeemed from Egypt? I’ve heard 2 answers that seem to conflict, and a third that we’ll look at in a minute. The first answer, from a midrash, is that bnei Yisrael were redeemed by… Read more

The books you bought from me in 2014. (And why I care, and you might, too.)

Blogging has become disgustingly analytical these days.  If I wanted, I could spend all day gazing at my proverbial naval, looking at statistics, and finding out along the way exactly who you are and… Read more

Rites of Passage: the facts of life.

So.  Ahem.  We have had… the conversation.A couple of weeks ago, at our favourite used book store in Tel Aviv (Halper’s), Naomi Rivka picked up a copy of Judy Blume’s classic, Are You there God?  It’… Read more

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