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What? No etrog?? What will we do? – WE DIDN’T HAVE AN ETROG

Hard to think about Sukkos (aka Sukkot), but believe it or not, we have less than 40 days until Rosh Hashanah now and you-know-what can’t be far behind.  I’ve always found this to be a yom tov withou… Read more

The Journey to Motherhood, with illustrations by Naomi Rivka, age 7

(she’s 8 now, but I found this in an older notebook…)One day I became really tired and lazy.  “Please tell me why!” I yelled but I already knew, I was expecting a baby!Nine months past [she means “ni… Read more

Never put off…

… ‘til 16 years from now what really ought to be mailed today.  Isn’t that how the quote goes?Whoopsie.Seated on the floor Tisha b’Av morning, sifting through 30 years worth of papers (highly recomme… Read more

Thtupid-Word Thursday: It’s a twofer! “Shinny” and “Snuggly”

Two words that make me bananas – and not in a good way.  I’m including these both here to save time, and because these are similarly misused words – due to their inadvertently doubled vowels – that b… Read more

Fwd: Old note to myself, which I am throwing away.

Ah, the things that amaze us with Kid #1.

On a packet of Duncan Hines Cookie Mix in the grocery store:
"YM loves the idea that there are brands of things... he's 5 years old, doesn't know … Read more

Devarim, Chazon and Aliyah: My Thoughts

Almost every year, my mother corners me to give a dvar Torah at a ladies’ Shalosh Seudos (Seudat Shlishit) our shul organizes at different homes around the community.  She always hosts the one closes… Read more

On sale now: Poems for all occasions!

Because I don’t have enough to do…I’m selling poems on fiverr!  Click here to see my gigs.  You’ve read ‘em here for years… you’ve bought ‘em on… and now you can OWN one of these fabulous … Read more

Two NU books –?

If you’re a longtime reader of this blog, they’re not EXACTLY new… but they are “nu?” in the sense of “Nu???  We knew these were great poems and we are thrilled that you had art done and are releasin… Read more

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