Never put off…

card1… ‘til 16 years from now what really ought to be mailed today.  Isn’t that how the quote goes?


Seated on the floor Tisha b’Av morning, sifting through 30 years worth of papers (highly recommended for the occasion as both a saddening and deadening kind of occupation), I came across a small stack of thank-you cards from YM’s upsherin… ie, the upsherin we held when he turned three.

Yes, the same YM who is turning 19 in a month and a half.

I still really like the “logo” I designed for his upsherin – a blue scissors, open, with “YM” from top to bottom one way and the Hebrew letters yud and mem the other way.  I mock-airbrushed it with my set of “Blo-Pens” – a truly kitschy-but-cool craft supply if ever there was one.  I used cutting-edge scanning & colour-copying technology to apply the logo to everything from the invitations (in fridge magnet form!) to the program (yes, there was a program) to, well, the thank-you cards I don’t think anybody ever got.

To be very fair, because his birthday comes out right after Sukkos, I didn’t get around to doing the actual upsherin until maybe a month later.  So they’re not REALLY 16 years old, right?

And okay, some of the intended recipients are already dead – not least, the “Zeidy” in this card. 


(card reads “Dear Bubby and Zeidy – Thank you very much for the new kippah and my special Winnie-the-Pooh surprise card (+ the loader!).  Iy”h you should see this much nachas (and more!) from me and all your children and grandchildren in the future.  Love,”)

I never mailed the stack because I was having him initial each one, a tedious task for a 3-year-old, and one which I eventually abandoned in favour of, well, abandonment.

I threw away the obvious cards – people we’re no longer in touch with; people who have died (“Dear Nanny”).  The rest, well, I have the idea of giving them out at the goodbye party my mother’s making for us this coming Sunday.  You know, with a small smile and a “whoopsie.” 

After all, who hasn’t had something slip their mind from time to time… for 16 years???

(p.s. Interested in upsherins in general?  Here are pics and video from GZ’s!)


  1. Hey, at least you put in the effort. :o) My worst was a pile of thank you cards I found five years later while tidying the top of my desk. I suppose I should clean it more often.

    Peace and Laughter!


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