Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thtupid-Word Thursday: It’s a twofer! “Shinny” and “Snuggly”

Two words that make me bananas – and not in a good way.  I’m including these both here to save time, and because these are similarly misused words – due to their inadvertently doubled vowels – that both keep popping up everywhere I turn.

So!  Snuggly vs Snugly.  Anyone???

This nut is something that fits “snugly”:

This teddy bear, on the other hand, is kind of “snuggly”:

Well, okay, it isn’t really very snuggly.  But it’s “Dydee Bear!” the official diaper-service mascot bear that my sister had as a baby.

This “data center knowledge” article is another example.  Aww… it’s snuggly!


As for the other.

Shinny vs Shiny.  Really, unacceptable.

These are shins:

To be fair, these, too, are shins:


And this is shinny:

An informal game of hockey, often played in the streets.

This ring is nice and shiny:

This is nice and shinny:


Liv Creme Hairdressing and Conditioner<- So, clearly, this hair product does not make “hair look so nice and shinny,” as one reviewer mentioned.

Neither does this one.  ->






This hotel is really not “shinny and new”, however alpen-lovely it may be.  But maybe a few tips for keeping your motorcycle looking “shinny and new” couldn’t hurt?

Hilton Garden Inn Davos

“Shinny and clean” silver, anybody?


Hmm… what a bright, shinny belt you are wearing today!


Okay, enough. I am beating a dead horse and we all get the point.

Here’s to a bright, shinny day, with maybe a bit of snuggly tossed in here and there.