Thtupid-Word Thursday: It’s a twofer! “Shinny” and “Snuggly”

Two words that make me bananas – and not in a good way.  I’m including these both here to save time, and because these are similarly misused words – due to their inadvertently doubled vowels – that both keep popping up everywhere I turn.

So!  Snuggly vs Snugly.  Anyone???

This nut is something that fits “snugly”:

This teddy bear, on the other hand, is kind of “snuggly”:

Well, okay, it isn’t really very snuggly.  But it’s “Dydee Bear!” the official diaper-service mascot bear that my sister had as a baby.

This “data center knowledge” article is another example.  Aww… it’s snuggly!


As for the other.

Shinny vs Shiny.  Really, unacceptable.

These are shins:

To be fair, these, too, are shins:


And this is shinny:

An informal game of hockey, often played in the streets.

This ring is nice and shiny:

This is nice and shinny:


Liv Creme Hairdressing and Conditioner<- So, clearly, this hair product does not make “hair look so nice and shinny,” as one reviewer mentioned.

Neither does this one.  ->






This hotel is really not “shinny and new”, however alpen-lovely it may be.  But maybe a few tips for keeping your motorcycle looking “shinny and new” couldn’t hurt?

Hilton Garden Inn Davos

“Shinny and clean” silver, anybody?


Hmm… what a bright, shinny belt you are wearing today!


Okay, enough. I am beating a dead horse and we all get the point.

Here’s to a bright, shinny day, with maybe a bit of snuggly tossed in here and there.


  1. Indeed! And people whose shinny rings fit too snuggly can perhaps put a bowl of soapy water on their dinning room table and soak their hands. But they should be careful not to loose their ring! Or maybe that's what they would be trying to do... hmm... wait a minute... :p


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