Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

The Journey to Motherhood, with illustrations by Naomi Rivka, age 7

(she’s 8 now, but I found this in an older notebook…)

story 001

One day I became really tired and lazy.  “Please tell me why!” I yelled but I already knew, I was expecting a baby!

Nine months past [she means “nine months passed”], I stayed home from class.  The day had come at last!

I took a year of [off] from work, to hang out with my little baby girl, Veonica!  I named her Veronica Elizabeth.

story 002story 003 

The story actually goes on and the main character becomes a grandmother, and then a great-grandmother.  And nobody in the family wears more than a bikini, because – of course – they’re all mermaids.  There are no males in the story.  Yet I find it oddly (very oddly) touching.

Going through a ton of paperwork because the journey is well and truly underway now.  In twelve days, we will be en route to our new home in the Holy Land!!! 

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