Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Fwd: Old note to myself, which I am throwing away.

Ah, the things that amaze us with Kid #1.

On a packet of Duncan Hines Cookie Mix in the grocery store:
"YM loves the idea that there are brands of things... he's 5 years old, doesn't know very much, so he looks for those names he knows like beacons on the supermarket shelf."

Throwing away their report cards today, now that they've both graduated from high school and we are purging like crazy.  Actually, I am purposely NOT throwing away their report cards:  I have turned them over to their rightful owners.  If they want to throw them away, so be it.

One child agreed, the other said I'm supposed to keep them, presumably cherishing them forever.  The truth is, if we were staying, I probably would.  But we're not staying, and it feels good to pass them on.

Have an easy fast, world.