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Leftover Chocolate Coating?

If you’re dipping macaroons or any other dessert and you have extra chocolate left over at the end, grab some popsicle sticks (or skewers, or not, if you don’t have anything)… and dip whatever you’ve… Read more

Sukkos (First Days) Meal Plan 5773/2012

MealSundayMondayTuesdayDayOut – W’s - MEAT TO BRING: honey cake! (big round one)D & P/V - DAIRY * Squash Soup Salmon puff pastry * Mushroom/Broc Crepes * Crunchy Cheese Apple Kugel Vegs kuge… Read more

Pumpkin Noodles aka Lokshin (& Pumpkin Lokshin Kugel)

Don’t be disappointed… this is more of a state of mind than a recipe.  Okay, more of a technique, but that sounds all boring and pretentious.First, have some leftover pumpkin.  You can buy it tinned… Read more

Gavriel Zev’s Sukkos Signs

Thanks to Ted, the sukkah is up!And thanks to GZ’s no-nonsense signmaking – none of those tacky bright colours or illustrations for him – our guests can truly be welcomed in style:(this says “Happy S… Read more

Pareve Potchkedik Pumpkin Pastries

In case you weren’t aware, “potchkedik” means “almost too much trouble to bother.”  Remember that ALMOST!  Lots of steps and annoying and nonsense… but sometimes, very worthwhile.But at this time of … Read more

Tiny Toy Torah Envy – Crochet-Style

My friend Sara has made quite a name for herself online crafting this sweet little Tiny Toy Torah (instructions  here; rather nice copycat here), and being full of envy and wanting my kids to have a … Read more

Parsha Poem: Ha’azinu / הַאֲזִינוּ

דְּבָרִים / Devarim / Deuteronomy 32:1-32:52: Read ithear itcolour it.Printable PDF version here.No parsha narrative overview this week – we’ve been busy!
Copywork and parsha activities availab… Read more

Birthday Baby Boy

It’s a problem, being born the day after Yom Kippur.  He asked last year and this year when his actual birthday starts, and I said that when he hears the shofar, he’ll know he’s 5.  But by then, most… Read more

The Two Frankies

So Gavriel Zev has this little friend named Frankie that he’s been running around with for over a year now.  He adores Frankie, who is a goofy little alien guy with big bug eyes and three wibbly thin… Read more

Naomi’s Parsha Narration – Good Shabbos!

I haven’t posted many of these lately, but we’re still doing them.  Naomi’s illustrations are more of the stick-person variety than the detailed scenarios she was sketching before, but they are still… Read more

Short Parsha Riddles: Nitzavim / נִצָּבִים

דְּבָרִים / Devarim / Deuteronomy 29:9-30:20 Click for printable PDF version.Don’t forget to read this week’s Parsha Poems (Nitzavim-Vayelech Poem 1 and Poem 2) and parsha overview.  Plus… copywork a… Read more

Hands-On Explorations: Math (Geometry with Straws)

Following up on the theme of actually schooling at home, rather than just hanging around the house cooking, cleaning, and letting the kids run around outside like savages, which is what we’ve done a … Read more

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